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Yesterday: I asked someone from Hungary about what Card Games played There

And She has told Me alot of Games

But There is a cool game I'd like to suggest

It's called Zsíros or Zsírozás

This game can be played by two or four players. When There are four players, it'll be in team: 2 against 2
The 32 Card Tell pattern pack is used. These are The Standard Cards used in Hungary.

The Names of The Cards are:





The Aces and Tens are called zsír (grease), and The aim is to colect The majority of these Cards.
The first dealer is selected at random, and The turn to deal rotates anticlockwise after each Hand. Initially, just four Cards are dealt to each player. The remaining stock of undealt Cards is put face down on The Table to form The talon.
The player to dealer's right leads to The first trick, and each of The other players, in anticlockwise rotation, contributes a Card. Any Card may be played - There is no requirement to follow suit, etc - infact suits are irrelevant in this Game. The trick is won by The last Card played which is equal in rank to The led Card.
Example: Diminekka leads a nine, Nekolet plays another nine, Nikola plays a king, and Nikolaj plays an ace. The trick is won by Nekolet.
Sevens are Wild.
That's to say, You can use a Seven to equal any rank that is led. So for example, if The following Cards are played to a trick: Diminekka: ten, Nekolet: ten, Nikola: seven, Nikolaj: nine, then Nekola wins The trick. On The other Hand if The Cards are Diminekka: ten, Nekolet: ten, Nikola: seven, Nikolaj: ten, then Nikolaj wins The trick.
If a Seven is led, it counts only as a Seven, and The trick is won by The last Seven played to it.
Multiple tricks
When everyone has played One Card to the trick, if The winning Card was played by an Opponent of The player who led to The trick, The leader has two options:

  1. stop at that point and concede The trick to The Opponents;
  2. continue The trick for another round, by playing another Card of The same rank that was originally led, or playing a Seven, representing that rank.
  3. If The leader chooses to continue, The other players must then each play a second Card to The trick. After this, The leader can continue for a third, and even a fourth round, if The Opponents are still winning and The leader still has another equal Card or Seven to lead.
    The (Multiple) trick ends at The end of a round when either:
    • The leader's side is winning (in which case The leader isn't allowed to continue), or
    • The leader is unable to or doesn't wish to continue, or
    • Everyone has played All Their Cards.
    At this point whoever was The last to play a Card equal in rank to The original lead, or a Seven, wins All The Cards in The Multiple trick, draws first from The stock, and leads to The next trick.
    Example: suppose The Cards held by The players are as follows:
    Diminekka: ace, ace, Over, Seven;
    Nekolet: Ten, Ten, Nine, Seven;
    Nikola: King, King, Eight, Seven;
    Nikolaj: Ace, Over, Under, Seven.
    The trick begins: Diminekka: Ace, Nekolet: Ten, Nikola: Eight, Nikolaj: Seven. If Diminekka stops The trick now, Nikolaj will win, so Diminekka continues: Diminekka: Ace, Nekolet: Seven, Nikola: Seven, Nikolaj: Ace. Nikolaj is still winning, so Diminekka plays a third round: Diminekka: Seven, Nekolet: Nine, Nikola: King, Nikolaj: Under. Now Diminekka is winning, and stops at this point, gathering All 12 Cards. Note that if Nekolet or Nikolaj had another Ace to play on The third round, winning The trick, Diminekka couldn't continue for a fourth round; Diminekka can't play The over to this trick as it doesn't match The original lead.
    Drawing from The Talon
    At The end of The trick (or multiple trick), each player in turn, beginning with The winner of The trick, draws sufficient Cards from The Talon so that They have Four Cards in Their Hands again. When there are insufficient Cards left in The Talon to allow this, The remaining Talon Cards are distributed equally to The players. After The Talon is exhausted, The Game continues without drawing until All The Cards have been played.
    In The Four player Game, You aren't allowed to communicate with your Team member, except that there are Four Calls You can make when it's your Team member's turn, to suggest what Your Team Member should play. Your Team Member may follow your suggestion but isn't obliged to. The calls are:
    beat it! - i.e. play a Card equal to The lead, or a Sven
    "ne üss!"
    don't beat it!
    grease it! - i.e. play an Ace or a Ten
    "ne zsírt!"
    don't grease it!
    At The end of The play each side counts The value of The Cards it's taken. Aces and Tens are worth 10, and everything else counts 0, so there are 80 points in The pack. The side with more points wins. If each side has taken 40 points, The side which took The last trick wins.
    • If The winners took 40-70 points, They score 1 on The scoresheet.
    • If The winners took 80 points, butn't all The Cards, They score 2, and The losers are said to be kopasz (bald).
    • If The winners took every trick, They score 3, and The losers are said to be csupasz (naked).
    The first Team to score 5 or more points, over as many deals as it takes, wins The Game. For a longer game, You can agree to play up to 10 points.

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