Suggesting to add the ability for the users to delete their own messages/lock their own forum threads

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1. matar.desgarrar,


On the spanish playroom there's opened a thread about the thread deletion. However, I think that completely delete the own threads is not a solution. My suggestion is to add the ability to delete their own messages and lock (close) a thread, because I don't think that the user needs privileges to delete the thread, although it was opened by himself. Really the forum delegates a very limited number of privileges on the user, although the thread/message was created by him. It would be great if the user could have more privileges over his own threads.

Best regards.

2. grobar ,

Hello, it's indeed a good option, however this was also previously suggested and there are users who would like this to be implemented but so far it's not.

3. Saniel_Morse,


This is indeed a good suggestion, however if I'm not wrong I have made the same in the past, but the answer was obviously no. I don't want to compare or make some controversies but, even in AG we have more features. For example, it's possible to reply twice in the same post and I haven't seen someone complaining if htis is good or not.
i think that we must demonstrate that we're competent enough in order to have a good ambience one another, so that features like this shouldn't be prohibited for all us.

Kind regards.

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4. matar.desgarrar,

Yes, it should be needed to demostrate that the people can use with responsibility these functionalities, but I think that saying no is not the unique way to solve a user suggestion. A user suggestion no, a suggestion from more than one user. I think that it won't be difficult to developers to enable this functionalities to the common users, I know that helpers have this permissions because I requested them on many times to close one of my threads.
On the other hand, I don't visit frequently the english forum, so I didn't know that a post suggesting the same was openned in the past.


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