New Game: James Bond

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1. Space-Rage,


Yesterday: I asked My yungest Friend who's 13 Years from Minosota, USA

He told me alot of Games, But There is a strange Game and I'd like to suggest it

It's called James Bond

Here are The General Game rules

A Standard 52-Card international pack (without Jokers) is used. Usually there're two players but it's also possible for Three players.
The Cards're dealt into face-down piles of 4 Cards in front of The players: 6 piles for each player When two play, or 4 piles each if there're Three players. The last four Cards are placed face up in a row between The players.
When everyone's ready, The dealer yells "Go!", and play begins. Players pick up One pile at a Time, look at The Four Cards, and if They wish They can exchange a Card from The pile they're looking at for a face-up Card from The Table, The aim being colect Four Cards of The same rank in each pile - for example Four Sixes or Four Queens.
For example, if The pile you're looking at is 4, 4, 7, and K (suit doesn't matter), and The Four face up Cards're 4, 6, 3, and J, then you might want to trade either the 7 or the K for The 4. Whether You release The 7 or The King will depend on what you think Your Opponent has. If You got him/her take a King earlier, then You may want to hold onto Your King and play The 7.
Play is simultaneous - there're no turns - Everyone plays as fast as They can. However, a player's only allowed to look at One pile at a Time. The pile you're holding must be put back face down on The Table before can pick up and look at another pile.
You can't exchange more than one Card at a Time. If You want Two Cards from The middle, You must first exchange One Card, then another Card. There must be Four Cards in each pile and Four Cards face up on The Table after every exchange.
The first player who manages to colect Four matching Cards in each of Their Six piles shouts "James Bond" and turns Their piles face up, to show that They've won.

2. YNWA,

James Blind is English Lol. He is a friend of Greg's!

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