New Game: Dai Fugō

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1. Space-Rage,


My Friend from Japan has told Me about a cool Game: And I hope that it'll be available in The QuentinC's Playroom

It's called Dai Fugō Which means in Japanese a very rich Man, or Dai Hinmin: a very poor man

Dai Fugō is usually played from 3 to 6 players. A Standard 52 Card pack's used, to which One Joker's normally added, so that there're 53 Cards in all. of The rank of The Cards from high to low is:
Deal and play're clockwise. Any player may deal The first Hand. After The first Hand, The loser of each Hand deals The next. All of The Cards're dealt out One at a Time as equally as possible to The players. Some players'll have One Card more than others - this doesn't matter.
In The first deal of a New session The first player's decided at random.
Each player chooses "rock", "paper" or "scissors" and All of The choices're shown simultaneously by Hand signals. If all of The Three options're chosen at least once, or if Everyone chooses The same option, it's a tie and The process's repeated. If just Two of The Three options're chosen, all of The players who picked The losing option (scissors beat paper, rock beats scissors, paper beats rock) are eliminated, and The process's repeated with only The survivors taking part. When there's only One survivor, this player starts The Game.
The first player may play any Card or valid combination, placing The Card(s) face up in The centre of The Table. The possible plays are:
Any single Card.
Single cards rank as described above from 3 (low) to joker (high). A single Card can only be beaten by a higher single Card.
A pair.
Two Cards of The same rank. A higher pair beats a lower pair: The lowest is 3 and 3 and The highest is 2, 2.
Three of a kind (triplet).
Three cards of the same rank. A higher triplet beats a lower triplet: The highest is 2, 2 and 2 and the lowest is 3, 3 and 3.
Four of a kind.
Four Cards of The same rank. In The basic Game They rank in the same order as single cards, but note that many People now play that Four of a kind causes a revolution - see variations.
A sequence
Three or more consecutive Cards of The same suit, such as 4 of Spades, 5 of Spades, 6 of Spades, 6 of Spades or 9 of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds, Jack of Diamond and Queen of Diamond. A sequence can only be beaten by a higher sequence containing The same number of The Cards. The highest 3-Card sequence's K-A-2 and The lowest's 3, 4 and 5. (A-2 and 3 and 2, 3, 4 aren't valid sequences, since The 2 and 3 aren't adjacent in this Game.)
The joker may be used as a substitute for any Card in a pair, triplet, Four of a kind or sequence. A combination containing a joker's equal in rank to The equivalent combination made from natural Cards. So for example The pairs 8 and 8 and 8 and joker're equal: neither beats The other, and a sequence 9 of Hearts, 10 of hearts, Joker's equal in rank to 9 of clubs, 10 ofCclubs and Jack of Clubs.
After The first player played a Card or combination, each player in turn has The choice of passing (playing No Cards) or playing a higher Card or combination of The same type as The previous play. This continues as many times around The Table as necessary until someone plays a Card or combination which No One else's able or willing to beat. When all of The other players has passed, The player of The unbeaten Card or combination sets aside all of The played Cards face down, and begins again by leading any Card or valid combination.
Here's an example with four players:
Player Akihiro
Player Chinatsu
Player Akihito
Player Chinami

A and Joker
Chinatsu's play's unbeaten, so She clears away The played Cards and begins again with any Card or valid combination. To beat Chinatsu's A and Joker pair, a pair of Twos would've been needed. Note that throughout this process only pairs could be played. For example at His first turn, player Akihito wouldn't be allowed to play Three 8's or a single 2.
Please note that:
• You don't have to beat The previous play just because You can often it's better to pass and save Your good Cards for later.
• Passing doesn't prevent You from playing at Your next turn.
In The example, player Chinatsu passed twice, although She could have played The A, Joker at Her first or second turn, She decided to play only after Akihito had used His Kings.
The objective is to get rid of all of your Cards. When a player runs out of Cards, The play continues among The other players until only One player has Cards left.
When a player plays His last Card or Cards, The other players as usual have The opportunity to beat this play. If No One beats it, since The player of The unbeaten Card(s) has No more to play, The turn to begin again passes to The next player to The left Who still has Cards.
If there're Five or more players, The player who runs out of Cards first's The Dai Fugō (very rich man), The Second is The Fugō (rich man) The last player left with Cards is The Dai Hinmin (very poor man) and The second last's The Hinmin (poor man). With Three or Four players, The winner, who runs out of cards first, is the Fugō and The loser, who's left with Cards at The end, is the Hinmin.
As with many Japanese card Games it's common to play without score or payment. The aim is simply to be as rich as possible as often as possible. If You prefer to formalise the result, the Dai Fugō should score +2 points, and the Fugō +1.
Exchange of Cards
In The second and subsequent Hands of a session there's an exchange of Cards after The deal and before play begins. The Dai Hinmin must give His highest ranking two Cards to The Dai Fugō and The Hinmin must give His highest card to The Fugō. In exchange, The Dai Fugō gives any Two unwanted Cards to The Dai Hinmin and The Fugō gives any One unwanted Card to The Hinmin.
After The exchange, The loser of The previous Hand (The Dai Hinmin, or The Hinmin if there're only Three or four players) begins The play of The New Hand with any Card or valid combination.
More than Six players
It's possible for as many as 8 players to take part. In Japan it's normal still to use a single deck of 53 Cards, though in some Western adaptations, a larger Number of players may use a Double Deck.
Revolution (kakumei)
Many people adopt The rule that any play of four of a kind (such as 9, 9, 9 and 9 or 5, 5, 5 and Joker) causes a Revolution, which reverses The ranking of The Cards from The next time that The Table's cleared. The joker remains The highest single Card but The other Cards rank from high to low 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and ,K A and 2, so Twos are now The lowest Cards. If a second Four of a kind is played, this causes a counter-Revolution, which restores the original order. So if someone plays 5, 5, 5, and 5 to The empty Table, another player can beat this with (for example) 7, 7, 7, 7, and The Card ranking order remains as it was, The Revolution having been cancelled. But if Everyone passes The 5, 5, 5 and 5 play, The cards're cleared and The revolution takes effect. If The player of The 5, 5, 5 and 5 now begins with (say) a pair of 6's, this can be beaten by 4 and 4 or 3 and 3 (The highest pair), butn't 8 and 8. The reversed order stays in effect until The end of The Hand, unless another 4 of a kind's played, in which case there's a counter-Revolution and The original order's restored. When The play ends, for The new deal The Cards always revert to Their original order.
Some People play that a revolution's also caused if anyone plays a Five-cards or longer sequence.

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2. Mayana,

You posted at least million of those new games by now. No, we won't believe you have that many friends who all just really, really love games. Please, stop copying stuff from the internet and posting it here.

3. Space-Rage,

I didn't copy from The Internet

And I really have Friends from around The World

I asked Them about Card Games and Their rules and They told Me

And By The Way: I suggest a game every Holiday/National Days

example: Today is Holiday in Japan

Edit: My Friend Who told Me this Game is yukionozawa

Latest edition by Space-Rage, Nov 3 2016 18:11:39

4. The-Architect,

Yoo well, according to the rules, there'S nothing wrong with suggesting new games. But seriously, pal. You're not a game machine. If you love card games so much, why don't you try to play and master some of them with your friends around the world? Unless you were the master already, which I doubt. Honestly, I don'T think you even remember most of the rules you copied here, but that's none of my business.

5. Space-Rage,

I still remember rules of most games

I didn't copy anything, I was talking to My Friend in Skype

So relax

6. The-warlord,

Yeah, your vertual friends. The situation here is pretty clear. I don't wanna go into a waste of time topics about your true identity since lots of people know who you are. So stop this silliness you're posting here on the forum, because those posts can be considered as a spam, if at least I'm not the only one who's considering it so.

7. Space-Rage,


My Friend yukionozawa isn't virtual

And I asked Him about What Card Games played in His Country

He gave Me alot of Card Games, but I liked this Game and I've suggested

8. The-warlord,

Yeah, true, believed you. This is more than clear.

9. Pavkov,

whenever I enter the forum I am afraid of new games, new stupidity of yours, new spam, new lye, new york... wait not new york, but seriously stop this please, I can't survive your games anymore. ps stop chatting with skype bots

10. basket,

space rage,
Although it is perfectly alright to suggest new games, you have been flooding the forums with them, and that is not alright. It is a form of spam if you continue to do that and I am kindly asking you to stop, or I will be forced to prevent you from posting.

11. Space-Rage,

@Simonovic There isnt spam or lies

And By The Way: There are about 25 Game suggestions


I didn't flood The Forum: But I post acording to national days

Example: today's The Unity Day in Russia and Italy

so I posted a cool Games

Latest edition by Space-Rage, Nov 4 2016 15:02:03

12. basket,

I do not care your rationale behind flooding the forums with your game suggestions. It is clear to me that they are not appreciated, which means you need to cut back.

13. Space-Rage,

@baskit flodding The Forum means posting about more than 10 topics in The same Time

And I didn't do that, I post sometimes One per Day and sometimes per Weak

Don't understand Me wrongly like Broken-grass or Muhammad_Hajar

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14. fire-starter,

@basket you are totally right there, i agree, i've seen atleast 30 topics with the topic new game: blah blah. Please stop this shit

15. The-warlord,

Yeah, I hope you stop him.

16. Oana-tN,

yeah, this can be considerate like spam, because here are over 30 topix with this title: "new game : ". and these aren't located just in this section (recent topix) but i've seen this kind of topix also on other sections, but i don't know exactly in witch of them. but i think i saw some in the reports and bugs, or something like this. but well, if he would post a new game in every holyday/ national day / what he said, then thisi would mean spam. is not important that he is not writing 10 per day, but this is spam.if i search other topic, i can't find!

17. Pavkov,

I am wondering, how all his friends can explain rules so good

18. Mayana,

Yeah, true, how do we dare to think of him as a spammer! He just has better friends than we ever could have, that's all! It's not his fault he has so many friends that talk about nothing but card games! :P

19. fire-starter,


20. Dayan ,

Abdulrahman. At this point it would be better to stop spamming about games and accepting who you are without pretending to be someone else. Everyone knows who you are, so if you say the truth already it won't make any difference. Just my opinion... Is good that you suggest games, but it's too much already.

21. The-warlord,

Yeah Naday, true. And this is the majority of us's opinion as well for sure, if not all of us.

22. grobar ,

It's true, but he doesn't want to, and probably will never do that.

23. Oana-tN,

yeah, guis you are totaly right. but he can't understant that he is abdul. or he can but he alwais pretend. look at his status for example, or he said me in a day that abdul won't make accounts from his land. but if he is doing only one? maybe i am the onest who can't understant all these liars and their lies. and i could say that after his last topic (i mean this one( he stoped. or maybe he is going to lie and spamm again, and why don't admins ban him

24. Slavista,

Omg, again new game? So i am also offering new game: Shuting the mouth of Abdulrahman... Rules are quite free... :D

Anyways Abdul, don't forget to describe the game called Člověče, nezlob se... We will be soooo glad to have it here... :D :D :D

25. fire-starter,

rofl slavy

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