New Game: Marianna

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1. Space-Rage,


My Friend Pall AKA Jotes from Italy has told Me about a cool and Simple Game

It's called Marianna

Here are The rules

Marianna is a four-player Game with Team: 2 against 2
Deal and play are anticlockwise.
A 40-Card pack's used, usually a French suited pack without 8's, 9's and 10's with suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. The rank of The Cards in each suit from high to low and Their values're as follows:

11 points

10 points

4 points

3 points

2 points

0 points

0 points

0 points

0 points

0 points
Additional points're available for declaring a Marianna, consisting of The King and Queen of a suit held in Hand. It's possible to play with Italian suited Cards, in which case The Horse (Cavallo) replaces The Queen and a Marianna consists of The King and Horse of a suit.
The Deal
Any player may deal first. The dealer shuffles and The player to dealer's left cuts The Cards. The dealer then deals Five Cards face down to each player and places The remainder in a face down stack on The Table.
The Play
The player to dealer's right leads to The first trick. Initially there're no trumps. There's no obligation to follow suit: players may play any Card to any trick, but a trick can only be won by a Card of The suit that was led. Whoever plays The highest Card of The suit that was led wins The trick. Beginning with The winner of The trick, each player in turn draws The top Card from The stack of undealt Cards so that Everyone has Five Cards again. The winner of The trick now leads to The next trick.
At Your turn to play to any trick if You hold The King and Queen of a suit in Your Hand, You can declare "Marianna" and show Them. The first Marianna declared scores 40 points for The team. The suit of The marianna becomes trumps from this trick until The end of The play or until another marianna's declared. If another Marianna's declared, The trump suit's changed to The suit of The latest Marianna. The second Marianna scores 60 points, The Third 80 points and The Fourth 100 points.
After a Marianna's been declared, there's still No obligation to follow suit. Players may play any Card, but if there's a trump suit and any trumps were played, The trick's won by The highest trump in it. For this purpose, only The suit that's trumps at The end of The trick counts.
A player isn't allowed to declare more than one Marianna in The same trick, but it may happen that during a single trick two or more different players each declare a Marianna. In this case, it's whichever of these players played latest to The trick whose Marianna determines The trump suit for this and subsequent tricks.
After The last Card's been drawn from The stock it's no longer possible to declare a Marianna. The last five tricks're played using The Cards The players then have in Their hands, under The same rules of play but without drawing New Cards.
Two other combinations can be declared, if a player's lucky enough to hold One of Them.
• A player Who has four Queens and a King can declare a Mariannino for 250 points. The suit of The King becomes trumps.
• A player Who holds four Kings and a Queen can decalre a Mariannone for 500 points, winning The whole Game.
It isn't legal to play a Marianna and a Mariannino in The same trick, but if You declare a Marianna, keep The Cards and later acquire All of The other Queens as well You could then declare a Mariannino. Alternatively, if You have four Queens and pick up a King, You can declare mariannino immediately and then, if You keep The King and Queen of The same suit, also declare a Marianna in The next trick.
Each Team keeps a cumulative score, starting from zero. At The end of The play, each Team counts The points They have won in tricks (total of 120 in The pack) plus any Marianna etc. that They've declared and add Them to Their score. If either team has 501 or more points, The Game ends and The Team with The higher score wins.

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