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1. YNWA,

If I waited for the Helpers to put in a simple question like this we could be waiting till the Cows come home?

Would you be interested in creating Questions for the Quizz?

Would you be interested in proofreading the questions?

Would you be interested in validating the Questions?

Perhaps you are interested in only playing. even if that is the case then even knowing that is important!

Whatever your view I would be interested in knowing because I will not be interested in helping make it happen unless people wanted it in the English Section!

Latest edition by YNWA, Nov 8 2016 17:43:14

2. sound2,

I'd be interested in playing it, just to see how the game is like.

3. Pavkov,

It'd be interesting of course, i sent an email to Qcsalon administrators i am still waiting for theyr answer

4. Oana-tN,

i realy want it on english. i am not a french or spanish speaker, but aminiel said that we need a big and solid team to make him to translate quiz party in english. i wanted this game in english since when i was entering in the french server because french is a bit similar t romanian that is my native language, and i saw that game. but maybe french is similar, but i can't play new games there. i know playroom interface and all there, but no new games. because i can't translate. and other question is: why in other servers you can chat in the mainroom and in english u cant? and finaly yes, i want it in english

5. grindelwald19 ,

Yes, i want that this game be included in the english room

6. MagicalKrrish,

Well, not sure why it took so long to push to have this game in the english part of the playroom. I just remember once it was brought up on this forums and then it,, just,,, disappeared?? I really love to see this be active on this plat-form so I will be glad to help in anyway to put up this amazing game up and running here!

Lots of Love. Krrish

Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, Nov 9 2016 00:05:50

7. the-alchemist,

Maybe if people spent more time taking the initiative and less time complaining about other people supposedly not doing enough, we'd actually get somewhere. But we do not have the capabilities to code, I hear you say! Who cares? You can make question lists, right? That's also why it's now in Spanish. I have in fact discussed with some friends whether it would be worth it to engage in this project, and we're thinking it might be. But if we do this, it's probably going to be behind the scenes, because I'm beyond done with people on here telling others what to do.

8. Cristina,

I absolutely agree with all what the player (everyone) has said.
So, stop complaining and start working, because we will be happy to have this game on the english server. smile
Good luck and kind regards!

9. YNWA,

It is not about people complaining or telling people what to do but doing things properly and proffessionally. The Helpers job in my opinion is to ensure that The English section runs smoothly and efficiently as possible. That way all users of this platform can enjoy the best possible experience they can while they are here. I don't think it was unreasonable to ask them to advertise for people to get Quizz Party going or any other necessary tasks here. Like anybody else they don't have to take part in the setting up of the Quizz.

It is a great opportunity to provide people with a great legacy and I am pleased to see people are interested in helping making Quizz Party possible. I for one am encouraged but we will have to see what the powers that be say now!

10. BhavyaShah,

I would not only be interested in playing this game in the English section, but also in assisting in the proofreading and validation of questions. Looking forward towards collaboratively making Quiz Party a reality on Playroom's English server!

11. fire-starter,

Quiz Party is now also available in spanish. If you like to have it in english, do make a solid team and tell us so that we can give you the access to edit/validate questions. Technically everything is ready. Aminiel said

12. Aminiel,


Make a team of at least 3 motivated people, and it will happen !

To let you know a bit more about the quiz organization, tehre should be two kinds of people in the quiz team: validators and correctors.

Once the validation/correction team is ready, anyone on the playroom can submit a question. This is a community game where everyone can participate !

When the quiz team has reached 3000 accepted questions, the game is automatically available to play.

3000 may seem to be a lot, but it's really not. We need at least that amount of questions to make sure that there is a minimum of replayability. With less questions, you would have great chances to get the same questions over and over again after only a couple of rounds. And even with 3000 you often get twice the same question.
Big quiz games like trivia crack have over 50000 questions.
Don't be afrait, italians reached 3000 questions in just a few weeks.

IF the english team is interested, I could try to translate the guideline I wrote for the french team.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Nov 10 2016 19:30:00

13. Oana-tN,

but where should we make it

14. fire-starter,

just make a good english speaking team and e-mail it i think

15. the-alchemist,

I would definitely be interested in this guideline.

16. basket,

Hello Everyone,
In order to organize the teams needed to bring quiz party to the English side, we need to establish some guidelines on criteria one has to fulfill or demonstrate before they would be accepted. The helper team will confer about this and more information regarding criteria will be made available as soon as possible. We thank you for your desire to assist us with quiz party, and hope to make it available on the English side as soon as we can!
Thank you, the helper team.

17. YNWA,

Dear Aminiel

"Make a team of at least 3 motivated people, and it will happen !" We saw this last night and I have formed a team with 3 "motivated people" who would have done an excellent job I was awaiting on confirmation from a 4th person. I submited our team this morning to one of The Helpers and was informed that we now have to wait for The Helpers to set out some criteria that you never mentioned in your post earlier. We were waiting for a response much earlier from The Helpers but as you can see there was no comment from them. Had Basket put out his statement a few days ago people would have no issue and there would be no criticism. It appears to me that the Helpers wern't interested in getting the Quiz going in the English section and only responded after they saw Aminiel's statement. This is the reason why there is no notice advertising for people to help improve the errors in The English version of the Playroom but I am sure if Aminiel puts out another statement asking for people to correct them then then the Helpers will react to that!

I have said in the past there is not enough of The Helpers and you only have to see what has happened to see that I am correct. I know for a fact that Aminiel has said that 5 or 6 people is a good number of people and I agree. I don't think that number is unmanageable and it would make the Playroom much more reprisentitive of the people and much more diverse. I was not the only one calling for more Helpers and we can't all be wrong! I know The Helpers and I like them as people but The English Section has to be more efficient.

We already have a very good team in place and I would not like to jump through more hoops just to be selected. The Helpers know our capabilities and I believe we have a very strong and compitant team that can take The Quiz forward and make it enjoyable for all. If we have to apply again having already formed a very strong team, a number of us will have second thoughts and may decide not to apply for The Quiz Party at all!

18. keyWasFull,

Hello, I could be part of the helper team. I can also help in making, validating and checking questions for basic adherance to English rules.

19. basket,

With anything, there are criteria set place to establish a pool from the larger sample. You are not in a position to pick and choose as you see fit. You have already spewed enough negativity on this topic so I would suggest you stop commenting unless you have something meanful to add or contribute as you are only waisting our time with your Unconstructive comments. We are going to establish a criteria that is fair to everyone else involved, and will give everyone a chance to become part of the team. We are definitely not going to just pick and choose as that would hardly be fair to the rest of the people who want to help.

20. basket,

Hello Again everyone,
In order to make things easier, I am going to create a new topic solely for use of establishing a pool of individuals who are interested in helping. This topic has run its course a long time ago, and is serving no real good purpose at the moment. So, be on the lookout for that.

Latest edition by basket, Nov 12 2016 14:45:17

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