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1. YNWA,

I don't want to dwell on this topic too much but I would like to see a clarification on Quiz Party.

Aminiel Says Make a team of at least 3 people and he does not say whom can propose that team and the helpers say they will set out Criteria for that post.

Could you clear the situation up for us Aminiel as both posts are confusing to everybody concerned.

I am sure this post will get deleted as we are not allowed Free Speech Here!



2. policeman1,

We should have free to say anything we want without offendeding anyone and helpers should give positive feed back without using the word "you"

3. BhavyaShah,

I fail to identify any reason why the intervention of helpers was required in the previous topic raised. A grateful user (YNWA) had volunteered to help bring a certain highly requested game to life on the QuentinC's Playroom in a most generous way, for no personal gain whatsoever. Several others publicly expressed their agreement and encouragement with the proposed idea, and a few also extended their hand of collaboration in creating and validating questions, some of which are known to be experienced and fairly credible Playroomers (excluding me :D, due to my notorious reputation of being openly critical in the opinion of certain helpers).
Aminiel, the primary developer of this whole platform permitted and approved this proposal, and gave his brief instructions on how he would recommend the matter be handled. Now, suddenly, a certain helper desires to enforce certain criterians and guidelines for the selection of potential contributors, explicitly undermining the value of an ordinary user as being unfit to take this job upon himself. This certain helper also accused YNWA of having added no substance on the topic and brewing up negativity, which I view only as constructive criticism towards things he feel are not functioning to their best and simply pointing them out, in hope of their improvement in the future.
From the above happenings, I draw my conclusion - Certain members of the helpers team are consciously or unconsciously destroying any autonomy to form in the Playroom community, and are posing as hurdles for Playroom to function as a community of users and players. Instead, they are refusing to take any accountability towards any actions, are disregarding any criticism, that too very constructive one, in my humblest opinion, being addressed to them, and seem to be dictating redundant what they term as criterians and guidelines, but what I view as regulations and impositions.
What I ask is simply this: Please allow the community to participate its tiniest bit in shaping this platform. Helpers, please accept any feedback you receive, about how players and users perceive the method of your moderation, how they like or dislike certain measures you sometimes need to justifiably and unjustifiably take, how they view on going happenings in the world of QuentinC's Playroom. Please take any feedback in your stride, and help make the Playroom a more open, democratic and amiable space, so that fellow Playroomers can shout their thoughts out on the forum without any hitches of being subdugated by those granted additional rights and powers, or rather, duties and responsibilities. Concluding the ramblings, and getting back to the subject of Quiz Party, please do not prohibit community-coordinated efforts, for just like the various successful game tournaments, Quiz Party could also prove to be a very successful initiative by the Playroom user base.
I sincerely apologize in case I offended any individual, or if I wasn't sufficiently cogent in certain points I raised, or if certain statements I made require further clarity. I hope topics do not get banned at the frequency they are being banned at as these days, and I hope the freedom of speech and expression may be a fundamental principle that QuentinC's Playroom, hopefully as a gaming community, could enshrine and constitue. Last of all, I do hope together, we can make Quiz Party a reality!

4. the-alchemist,

Let me get this straight. We get the good news that there is a possibility for quiz party to become available in the English part of the playroom, people decide to complain that this wasn't done sooner, and you call that grateful? That is logic which I just can't grasp. The fact that those same people are offering to help out isn't very relevant in this case. It is as if said people constantly have to remind the rest of the community that they can do things better. Why others view these kinds of criticism as constructive is beyond me. All I see is complaints. That is, I think, what is being meant with negativity. It is this kind of entitlement/superior mentality which annoys me to no end, and if I were in the position to choose (which needless to say I am not) I would definitely think twice about giving these people the responsibilities.

5. YNWA,

People had been asking about Quiz Party many times and that is the same for improving the translating of the English part of the playroom. It appears we have to complain before anything is done here and I am saddened by that because trust me I only complain as a last resort.

If you read Aminiel's post it says that if you pick a strong team of at least 3 then you can get started. There are two other comments that suggest the same thing.

I looked at all the responses and got approval of two others and was about the get the approval of a third person. Some were on my friends list but not all of them.

As a matter of fact I have written Quiz programs similar to this in Pascal but a very long time ago so I believe I have an understanding Of what is required. People that know me know I collect many plays and have collated a lot of information from various sources on the plays dating back to the 1950's. If you include my typing ability of many years plus the fact I have used databases in the past then I think that says enough.

Other people I selected had experience in this kind of work. Even so I was still prepared to discuss this with the helpers and put forward our case. If The Quiz Party is going to be a massive success as I am sure we all hope then everybody working on it needs to work as a team and not a group of individuals that are a group of strangers that are working together for the very first time with little knowledge of each others strengths and weaknesses. We already know that there are a lot of variations in the way The English language is written unlike other languages that already have Quiz Party. This is where it is an advantage to already have some understanding between the people that will work on Quiz Party. It is my understanding that The Helpers will not be part of the quiz so won't be able to direct people if needed. As people will be working on the Quiz alone it will be harder for people that don't really know each other to find a universal style so standards can vary from person to person!

4 people was our starting point but more would have been added later because this is a very big job. As we would have known the layout of the database we could have given guidance and training to those who needed it.

Had Aminiel or the Helpers rejected our proposal then that would have been fair enough.

Later on I saw Baskets post and had that have been before Aminiel's then nobody would have said anything. It is interesting that Basket's post it says nothing about Aminiel at all. We don't know if the Helpers put out this statement on Aminiel's behalf or it was the helper's decision!

As I have said before The Helpers are good people and I do believe The Helpers do have the playroom's best interest at heart but they are not the only one!

I do hope Aminiel can put out a statement so can clarify the situation so we can all move on!

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6. sound2,

I agree with the original poster. I also didn't notice any negativity. My thoughts.

7. YNWA,

I put forward a team because Aminiel said we could put forward a team of at least Three People. Non of the Helpers to my understanding have Said Aminiel is wrong. aminiel is welcome to say he made an error and I think we would all understand that!

From my understanding other helpers have Manually selected teams on the other platforms as they know working on the Quizz party is more specialised and people that work together have to have some kind of understanding of each other.

Think as Quizz Party as a magazine. You would have someone working on each section and have an editor that would put it all together. I do have experience of all this as I have said before. I selected people who were best suited for this job and who had shown an interest in The Quiz party on The Quiz Party thread or in other ways.

Latest edition by YNWA, Nov 15 2016 22:43:29

8. the-alchemist,

I really am baffled why some people think there's no negativity at all. This makes me wonder whether people just don't read what's actually being said and just jump on the bandwagon for one reason or another. In my opinion it's so obvious that I really shouldn't need to explain this, and I fear I'm still wasting my time by writing up this message, but nevertheless I do hope this raises some awareness. When we first got the news that a possible quiz party translation could be made by an English team, the first reply by Ynwa to that message contained the following text. Nothing more, Nothing less.
You say technically everything is ready. How long has this been so and how long have the helpers had the opportunity to advertise for people that could have formed an English team? 6 weeks, 6 months or even a year!
This, friends, is the supposed gratefulness and lack of negativity. I see absolutely zero gratefulness in that one message and frankly not very much in any others. That post could generally also be considered negative, especially in the context of the many other comments (we could be waiting till the cows come home, just to randomly name one). This doesn't seem like constructive criticism to me. I could go on a long-winded explanation about the dictionary meanings of gratefulness and negativity to back this up, but I personally don't think that's necessary. So all that supposed destruction of autonomy... I don't buy it.

9. YNWA,

It is sad we have to get out the Begging Bowl every time we want something In The English part of the playroom that other major sections of the playroom have had for some time. It's sad we also have to be grateful for it! We are not 5 years old we are Adults. It is my understanding that the Helpers represent this section of the Pr on our behalf.

As I said as people I like the Helpers personally and you can find many positive articles giving them my full support when I felt others have given them stick when I believe it was wrong to do so.

You only have to look at the staff lists and you can work out yourself witch rolls haven't been filled. You can go back quite a while to find similar requests. I agree the Helpers weren't employed when some of them were made but everybody knew what was needed.

It is not as if I am just critical for the sake of being critical and doing nothing. I have offered my own solutions and have offered to help in solving some of the issues as you can see here!

Had Basket said something in his original message like: Having spoken to Aminiel we have agreed that we will create a team that will Create the English version Of Quizz Party and we apologise for any misunderstandings that may have occurred from Aminiel's post above. I believe everybody would have been happy.

I love the playroom and have been here for 4 years now and have made many friends. Many have been part of tournaments I and others have helped to create and I honestly believe that If our team work On The Quiz Party we will produce something all quiz lovers will really enjoy and appreciate!

10. Cristina,

Ok, I can not resist to say my opinion, because all what I've read, is forcing me to do it.
First, after when aminiel has informed us that's possible to have quiz party on the english part too, I guess that it would have been nice and polite to thank him for it and to say that we are delighted and happy to know. Then, who is able to be part of that team what Aminiel has adviced us to forme to create all those questions, corrections and validations for quiz party, so, all those persons should have exprimed their desire on a nice way and not as it happened.
Second, I do not consider that basket's reacting was an offensive one. It was a very useful, just cause, some players really had written a bunch of long phrases in their posts, filled with much negativity.
Third, I absolutely agree with what player (everyone) has stated, and not me neither would choose or want to team up with such people, who were not able to have a positive attitude from the beginning.

Anyway, I guess that we should stop behaving like children and try to be nice to each other if we really want to have a nice time here as many of players claim in their many posts.

The time what we spend here can be nice or no, just if we make it to be so and not if Aminiel jumps as some players ask from him. He is also human and I am quite surprised how much patience he has with all those who almost order him when and how to make what they expect.

Ok, my apologies for my english language and if any of you got offended cause of what I've said.
I just hope that all of you got my point and who are capable to make possible to have quiz party here will start to work more and speak less.
kind regards, Cristina!

11. YNWA,

Exactly Cristina we agree. Aminiel has asked us to form a team and we did!

12. BhavyaShah,

In view of certain valid points which Everyone and Christina-Riad may have raised, I sincerely apologize for any juvenility or negativity I myself may have indulged in. I am fully respectful of the fact that the helpers are trying their best to respond to all user feedback, and I do regret any excess of expectations I may have had from the helpers or Aminiel, some tireless voluntary workers.
To truly get back to the original statement that perhaps initiated much of these debates, although I am not in a position to decide these myselves, would like to at least propose certain criterians while Basket and others finalize them, for the selection of contributors for the Quiz Party English team.
Certain members of this team should have past quizzing experience. Personally speaking, I have stood 4th at a mainstream state level technology quiz (TCS IT Wiz) and 10th at the We Are The World Quiz, another state level competition. Although I have not participated in too many quizzes, the afore mentioned are two of my achievements of the few quizzes in which I have participated. Just to add, I have also won the English Word Power and Maths & Science Inter-House quiz within the school itself.
Certain members should have database management experience, and who may be willing to lend these skills to fellow teammates as well, for Aminiel to have a slightly more seemless experience in incorporating the questions into the game's code. I believe YNWA has extensive experience in this regard, as he states in his posts.
All members of this team should be proficient in English linguistically and should have good online research skills. I would like to believe that my English is fluent, and that good online research skills are the primary reason why I won a city level and national championship level of the Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) conference, and how I won a certain E-Lifemap Challenge in the National IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities, which in part has enabled me to qualify for the Global IT Challenge for Youth With Disabilities in China coming up in less than a week.
I may have missed certain other potentially crucial eligibility criteria, for which I apologize to the helpers team. I have not intended in any form, or by any means, by the above post, to be ostentatious or boastful, but simply to factually prove the appropriateness of the eligibility of certain current team members, as gathered by YNWA.
I reiterate my grievances for any offense caused or inconveniences faced, and also for not having given credit to where it was due very deservingly to the helpers, but I do stand by most of what I said earlier, if not all.

13. YNWA,

Exactly, We were building a great team that was prepared to work with each other to Make a quiz that everybody that enjoys quizzes would be proud of. We just wanted the opportunity to put our case forward to the powers that be. We were not against adding people later once we had got to grips with everything. I for one was prepared to train people who may have needed help or at least been there for their induction period. I have taught people games here as many of you know so it would not have been an issue. Another advantage is that we are able to work as soon as possible and we are all commited to the job!

14. RedHawk,

“We do not demand the resignation of the helpers—we demand their heads. We demand the heads of all the helperists in the team, your coder’s, your translator’s, the heads of most of the staff-officers, of most of the maintenance council, of the principal agents of the executive power in the playroom.” Of what use are half-way measures, like the sack of the hotel de Castries?“Avenge yourselves wisely! Death! Death! is the sole penalty for traitors raging to destroy you! It is the only one that strikes terror into them. … Follow the example of your implacable enemies! Keep always armed, so that they may not escape through the delays of the law! Stab them on the spot or blow their brains out!” “Twenty-four millions of men shout in unison: If the black, gangrened, archigangrened helperists dare pass a bill reducing and reorganising the forum, players, do you build eight hundred scaffolds in the Tuileries garden and hang on them every traitor to his project—that infamous Riquetti, Comte de Mirabeau, at the head of them—and, at the same time, erect in the middle of the fountain basin a big pile of logs to roast the helpers and their accounts!”


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15. Pavkov,

If you are normal and if you are older than 10 I jump from the Trump tower

16. YNWA,

We Don't recognise message 14 so please ignore it. We are not and have never asked anybody resign as we recognise The Helpers have generally done a good job and like anybody else they will make mistakes from time to time. We believe that is the case this time on The Quiz Party!

17. Carinchen,

When will quiz party be available in english?

18. YNWA,

the truth is I have no idea. They could get started in a month or 2 perhaps longer. I formed a team that would have got started in November and that was rejected. Basket said the people he was looking to contact was not regularly connected to the playroom so that means I wasn't selected I have moved on now and I am doing other things. .

As it happens I was given some old quiz cards from I believe 1990 that was found in our loft. I scanned them into the computer using an old scanner and have edited them in a week, lol. they contain 2500 questions. I think that the English ones may be useful for those of you learning English as they have question on verbs, sayings etc. I will take out some of the questions relating to books and will post it if people think it may be of use to them or their friends.

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