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1. spanishwoman,

Hola: I'm a new user in playrrom.
I wan to play chess but i can't do it. I need a command list for play chess.
Thank you.

2. keyWasFull,

Press enter to pick up a piece. Pres enter to put it in it's new location. Seriously, there needs to be more bord review commands. Like win board has a really big load of board review commands. Kind of really handy when you need to know what's around.

3. spanishwoman,

Thx. Can I play the game with time?

4. keyWasFull,

I don't think so

5. Aminiel,

Time limitation will be for a future release.
Just remind me something: official rules are 2 hours for 50 first moves, +1 hour afterwards, right?

You already have 2 special review commands :

For a feature release, I plan to add a sort of board summary :

FEN Import/export is also planed

6. keyWasFull,

Also, in the move consultation mode, I think it should say what pieces are on the squares (if any) that the piece can move to. And also there should be a defense consultation mode to see what peces are defending the selected square/piece. also, when th king is attack, it is not chess, it is check, and when the king has been completely subdued, it's checkmate (or mate), not chess mat. About time limits: it's 40 moves in 2 hours, or 50 moves in 2 and a half hours then an hour for each of the next 20 moves.

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