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1. Oana-tN,

Hi guis. I was thinking at how nice it will be to have a voice chat in the playroom. i mean, you to be able to speak with people at youur table. it will be nice, if you will agree or will do this.


2. YNWA,

Aminiel has said before it would not be possible to do voice chat. It would come with it's own issues even if it was possible. I forget what his reasons were now but they are on the forum somewhere.

3. grobar ,

The reason was that he will have to pay for such a server i believe.

4. helleon,

the reasons really is that it would make the server lag, look at rs's server with voice chat on it!

5. grobar ,

RS server doesn't lag because of the voice chat, it's just because of how it has been coded.

6. Saniel_Morse,


Anyways for lagging reasons or such things, I do think that the lightest way to implement a voice chat might be by holding a key command to speak and releasing it to stop. Therefore the voice clips might be used temporarily and deleted after a while, so that they don't use a lot of space into the server or the computers. But it won't be added; I either can't remember the reasons, but this has been suggested since long time ago.

Kind regards.

7. Adventure-Time,

TeamTalk is the best solution I can think of. I'm assuming most of you've heard of this thingy. Very accessible, user friendly, high quality voice chat clyent and theres plenty of servers to choose from, some may have channels dedicated to playroom users. See you there yooo!

8. Vojvoda,

I agree tt is very good program with very good sound quality. Unfortunately it requires good internet and it is not that practical like Skype, but quality is simply awesome.

9. YNWA,

Teamtalk is very good and is getting better. The owners do listen to feedback from their users regarding accessability and there is more improvements in the pipeline.

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