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1. YNWA,

It may not be an issue in other languages and I have been meaning to point it out for quite a while. I would like the word free changed to available. Here is an example below:

Group 1: free
Group 2: 4
Group 3: 3
Group 3: free

I would like it to read:

Group 1: available
Group 2: 4
Group 3: available
Group 3: 3

The words free and 3 sound the same when you are listening to them. I do find it confusing and hope it can be amended. I have purposly reversed the free and 3 in both examples.

I would like people to get a bonus of 100 if they roll a second Yahtzee, if they are lucky enough to roll a 3rd or even a 4th a further bonus of 100 would be given to that player for each time they get a Yahtzee.

Latest edition by YNWA, Dec 7 2016 18:22:02

2. basket,

I definitely agree with this one. Often times, I have to slow down speech to hear it properly.

3. Pavkov,

I agree also

4. MagicalKrrish,

Its a great idea. definitly agreed to it.

5. Saniel_Morse,

hello, I agree with that suggestion! I think this is kind of a homophone and because of that, it may be sometimes confusing for some players.

Hopefully it will be added! Kind regards.

6. Aminiel,


"free" will be changed into "available" in the next update. Thank you for signaling this.

7. YNWA,

This issue has now been resolved so thanks Aminiel!

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