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1. Demetry,


How I can translate the client into another language such as in German?


2. dj00,

Hy all! I am also interested in the

3. ultamentkiller,

Some things need to be fixed in the english translation. For example, accidented should be crashed. However, all the things are minor and it's still understandable.

4. Demetry,

Yes, that's true.

5. techluver,

I sent him a set of translation files with english strings fixed already. To translate you need to get the translation files, then you translate them as so:

minplayers=You can't play alone.
to minplayers=Man kann nicht solo spielen
maxplayers=There can't be more than 6 players.
Maxplayers=Man kann nicht mer alz 6 spielere haben
(sorry if my german's off, I'm just using it as an example.)

6. Giovani,

I would like to Translate this client to Slovak, but I don't know, how I must made. Thank You.

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