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1. jonathan,

Hello greetings to all
My concern is about the forum from the client.
If you could include a button in the future to edit your message from the client, or to see more messages than just 30.
thank you very much.

2. Vojvoda,

I think this was already suggested and answer was that we should be careful about what we are writing. And seeing more than 30 messages would be really cool! Also editing your message but...

3. YNWA,

I think it is fine as it is, If you want to see more messages then look at the forum on the website. You don't have to write your message in the box if you feel oncomfortable with it. Notepad can be used first and you can copy your message into the box when your message is complete.

4. grobar ,

Honestly this be careful when writing isn't really a good answer, we are humans and mistakes can easily happen, and even if we exclude the possibility of mistakes, it would be cool if you for example are organizing a tournament and want to keep the 1st post up to date. Seeing more than 30 messages would also be cool.

5. Saniel_Morse,

yeah but who knows, though this is not hard to implement. That was the case with the client in Klango, do you remember?

6. martsales,

i love klango! even though its going down

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