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1. YNWA,

Over the past few days I was thinking of an a new Edition to The Quiz party that the other parts of the platform already have. If you like it could be Quiz Party 2. Everything is the same but it is sports based. Instead of having Questions on History, Geography, EtC, Etc, you would get questions on Football, Athletics, Cricket, tennis and so on. I think this could really work on the English part. There are quite a number of us that love our sport. As you have different Sport World cups and the Olympics plus European Tournaments it is easier to give this game a world apeal. If you are From England, Eastern Europe or another part of the world you are likely to know something about a Football world cup or the last Olympics.

I know We have to make the Original Quiz party strong first but I think this will be well worth doing too. There is no reason why the French, Italian and Spanish parts Can't have Quiz Party 2 as well. Hopefully we can get cracking on the original Quiz party very soon so this idea can become a reality sooner rather than later!

2. Pavkov,

An perfect awesome great brilliant fantastic wonderful idea!

3. Slavista,

Great idea, can propose my knowledges of football, ice hockey, tenis, basketball, athletics, biatlon, ski jumping and many many other sports... Reasonally i know mostly about Czech sport, but can propose also many knowledges of the international competitions... :)

4. Pavkov,

I knew that after my support to this ideamy friend mister slavek is next who will support this :D

5. Aminiel,


This doesn't make sens at all to create another Quiz Party. There is well already a sport category.

Personally I don't like sport, and there is currently nobody in french or italian who is especially good at these questions; that's why this category isn't well developed. But if there are people who are goot at sport for the enghlish Quiz Party, you could fill this category better as other ones if you like.

You know, the "art and creations" category and the one called "beliefs and traditions" aren't that filled as well.

For your information, here is a reminder of the 15 categories that exists in Quiz Party:

  1. Science and technics
  2. Nature and anatomy
  3. History
  4. Geography and politics
  5. Games and entertainment
  6. Music
  7. Cinema
  8. Languages and human sciences
  9. Television and medias
  10. Litterature
  11. Sport
  12. Beliefs and traditions
  13. Art and creations
  14. Cooking and gastronomy
  15. Series and cartoons

I think we covered almost everything we can. Seriously, tell me if you can't find your favorite element ammong these categories.

6. YNWA,

Thanks for posting the subjects as it is much appreciated as we have heard very little publically over the past 2 months since the request for people to help with the Quiz was posted on 21st November 2016. I know people would welcome an update regarding what has happened with the quiz so far!

You said that to start the quiz you needed 3000 questions with more to come and I agree. with 15 subjects that would mean that each subject would contain 200 questions in them. Personally I believe you need 500 questions per subject before you think about adding more. You said we could add more subjects and yes I can think of others based on the region we live in. one example would be about America as that will cover the United states. I think to start with 10 or 12 subjects as 3,000 questions will mean that each subject has more questions to start with. If you like spreading more butter on the bread. We know with Monopoly as an example that games on the computer are much faster. So If you like sports you will quickly get through 200 questions. In England we have a subject called Pot Luck. That means that the questions can contain questions that arn't covered by any of the other subjects. If you choose Pot Luck you have to trust your luck to what you get. It means that if the Validators don't know where to put a question they would choose Pot Luck. If a new subject is chosen later on then it would be possible to take any questions from Pot Luck that would fit that particular subject. I will look at the subjects later and say what I think should be added. People can then say if they agree or not.

My suggestion of a sports Quiz Party was a follow on once The first Quiz Party is completed and yes it would work. I do welcome your suggestion that you can add specialist subjects within the sporting fields such as questions on The Olympic Games. I know their is a number of Football and Cricket fans inthis part of the platform.
Now I am on the subject I would like to see this game. as a 2 player game as some will not want to play with too many players. I understand the logic behind your policy of making it a 1 player game as you have stated in the past.



Latest edition by YNWA, Jan 31 2017 23:32:33

7. Aminiel,


Sadly, nothing has progressed during the last two months.
The basic idea was to ask the helpers to collect candidatures and then tell us who should be given access to validation and/or correction part.
Perhaps it isn't the right or the best method, but I have no other idea.

For organisational and technical reasons, I think that I will anyway not change the available categories. Perhaps my naming isn't perfect (just as my english isn't), in which case we can always change it a little; but in general I think it should stay the same. When creating the french version, we took a long time debating on what should be together and what should be split, and we think we got quite a good compromise in the final repartition. At the beginning, the quiz had 12 categories, and we remade them twice before getting to the 15 current one.

I will try to better explain which kind of questions are in the different categories, you will certainly find a better wording.

  1. Science and technics: here goes questions about computers, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and anything technical or near, but also questions about inventors and their inventions. There are also a few questions about how various stuff works or how they have been discovered.
  2. Nature and anatomy: here goes biology, questions about the human body, and anything related to plants and animals
  3. History: here I think I don't need to give a lot of explanations
  4. Geography and politics: geography isn't only about rivers, mountains, countries and cities, but also about population, migration, ethny, governance, etc. We decided to put geography and politics together because, in fact, they are often somehow related one with the other.
  5. Games and entertainment: here we have questions about games, their genre and rules, sometimes from where they come or who created them, including video/audiogames. There are also questions about other kinds of entertainments, such as do it yourself, sewing, knitting, sailing, fishing, chasing, ...
  6. Music: questions about singers and their songs, modern as well as classical, and groups and boysgands of course, but also sometimes (though quite rare) theory questions about instruments, chords and the like
  7. Cinema: here goes all questions related to films, their scenarios, universe and history context, as well as about actors, producers, etc.
  8. Languages and human science: here we have everything related to the language (including foreign languages) such as expressions, vocabulary, spelling, the sense of the words, how do you say this in that language, etc. on one hand, and on the other hand all human sciences which don't really go somewhere else, for example psychology, social science, anthropology, ethnology, and also law. We grouped these two because there aren't enough questions to split them further.
  9. Television and medias: this is different from cinema because here, we talk about TV and radio shows, journalism and newspapers, new medias, and sometimes about famous advertisements and the like; never about films, and nor about series, which goes in their own respective category
  10. Litterature: I think it's rather clear, here goes everything about books and their authors, how and why they wrote books, as well as famous quotes
  11. Sport: no comment. In french, most of the questions are about world-wide competitions such as football, tennis, ice hockey and olympic disciplines, but there are still a few questions about less known or less international sports as well
  12. Beliefs and traditions: I chose beliefs and not religion because you have also questions about superstitions and ancient beliefs for example. Then, the tradition side is quite general, we have questions about national holidays, how mariages, born and deaths are celebrated, as well as more subtle cultural questions.
  13. Arts and creations: here goes all the arts that don't go in other categories, for example painting, sculpture and architecture
  14. Cooking and gastronomy: her goes of course everything related to food from all over the world. We have also a few questions about famous cookers, famous restaurants, and also about McDo...
  15. Series and cartoons: finally, here goes all series and cartoons that you can watch on the TV: our old walt disneys as well as game of thrown... we split it from cinema because this is often not the same at all, because you may follow series a lot but not cinema or conversely, and also because otherwise there would be far too much questions under a grouped cinema+series category. We also put questions about japanese anims, mangas and comics here.

8. YNWA,

People were asked to send The Helpers their application for the Quiz. It's not good that nobody got a note saying anything for a long time in their in-box regarding the future of the quiz. It damages the Helpers reputation and can create a them and us situation witch is bad for The English part of the platform. After all we are trying to achieve the same goal of making the playroom better for everybody.

In an ideal world what you tried to achieve was a good solution Aminiel but knowing people like I do in the English part I knew the numbers applying would be limited to start off with. I still feel the Quizz can work and over time will grow to what you would expect if not more. There is no reason why more people can be added to the team after the start of the project. When I suggested the original 4 it was always planned that more would join us later with approval from the Helpers.

It is said in Basket's original post that there would be a team of Vallidators and correctors and I believe that should be the long term goal for the quiz. From my understanding there is no time limit to when the Quiz has to be completed so those of us that are able to could help out with both groups.

I feel we should get started on the Quiz as soon as possible as the English section is getting further and further behind some of the other sections. I feel that those of us that applied to work on the quiz should be given every opportunity to do so unless The Helpers have reasonable grounds to reject any of the applications due to the inability to do the work required.

I feel if people are able to submit questions using the Quiz Party form you will be able to find more people that can help out with the Quiz. I also feel sure if People see Quiz Party in the Main room then they may be inclined to join The Quiz Party Team.



Latest edition by YNWA, Jan 31 2017 23:34:35

9. Pavkov,

How many people are in the team, how many do we need to complete. Those are the informations which we need.

10. YNWA,

There were 2 groups Validators and Correctors. Both groups would have had Basket and Marina7 as their team leaders. We know their main job would have to be helpers so it was always going to be limited to what they could tribute on a day to day basis. I would have suggested they were looking for at least 3 or 4 people per team. Even 4 Validators and 3 correctors would have been ok. Remember questions with numbers and years are easier to check

Validators only have to check questions where they are unsure of the sourse because you don't want people to say that questions wrong because if you don't know an answer someone else will. I know for example that any questions I would put in would be correct. I have some Who wants to be a Millionaire questions so there is no way they will be wrong. Even if I typed in 20 questions a day on average or say 150 per week over the 2 months that were used up we would have been well on the way to getting 3000 already and that is just a low estimation. in 10 weeks I would be half way there. Imagine even with 3 or 4 more dedicated people how much we can do as a team! I know if things are up and running it will be much easier for me to get more to sign up and help us out. .

We know that the English part has a lot of people round the world that use it but English for many is their second or even third language. That's why I was trying to simplify some of the catagories that people will have to select for the quiz as I believe it will encourage more people to play. I know that when people see the quiz for themselves that it will bring back more American and even British users, hopefully more will come to the PR because of it. I feel that the internationalness of the playroom will make the quiz very interesting from a players point of view.

Latest edition by YNWA, Jan 31 2017 23:30:31

11. basket,

As of now, the people that we have selected have not been particularly active so all of you need to be a little more patient. We might have to contact others to fill those spots, but again, this takes time. and finally, both marina and I have lives outside the playroom so we don't have the time to sit around all day contacting people. It is all dependent on how quickly we receive responses in order to move on.

12. YNWA,

It was not too difficult for you to write that. It was just a simple statement that would take what 2 minutes. leaving people in the dark for so long is just poor management and bad PR for the Helpers.

If these people so infrequently use the Playroom then it is worrying because it looks like We will get another Mayya and Mayank situation where people working on the project will be too busy due to other commitments so the Quiz will take even longer to complete.

If these people are not selected and you have to choose other people then the people selected will feel second best as you now have told us they are not regular users.

It is also funny because when I asked Marina about the quiz she told me she didn't know so it only looks like one person really worked on the Quiz!

I do wish you luck though as I do really want this Quiz to happen!

13. Pavkov,

I also want that quiz so much, I am ready to help if you need people as I said thousand of times

14. YNWA,

I have found another topic that is not covered bye the ones you have already and I believe many people will like it and in other countries too. It is called Current Affairs. It covers news events over the last couple of years. I know not always nice but questions would cover the terror attacks in Paris and the attempted assassination in Turkey for example.

15. the-alchemist,

Not necessarily bad, but on a platform where one of the rules is to not discuss politics and such that could potentially cause problems. Especially since questions like that are often subjective, unless you want to limit it to the absolute 100% facts. But even then, it is often difficult to make sure what the facts are. Then again we also have a category that already includes politics, and another including religion so maybe it's less of a problem than I think. But this does need to be kept in mind for such a category. Just pointing it out because there appeared to be problems in the past regarding forum posts about the attacks in Brussels and such, so it would IMO be rather odd to not be allowed to discuss that on the forum but yet to put it in the quiz.

Latest edition by the-alchemist, Feb 3 2017 22:54:40

16. YNWA,

those were 2 big events that happened in 2016. So a question could be what month did they take place? In the UK we had Brexit and our first note that wasn't made of paper came into circulation so people could be asked witch note is it? News events can cover many questions and perhaps over time can be part of other subjects.

Don't forget this Quiz if it wants to become successful and just not a White Elephant in the room as the little exam has become then it has to be more flexable than the French, Italian and Spanish Quiz Parties as the English platform represents 50 or more countries. Just because it works for the French partit won't mean it will work here. For example there is 3 out of the 15 subjects that are television based subjects. Yes they are different on what they offer but it does mean that 20% of the questions will be TV based. How much knowledge of British/American/Australian tv will someone from Bulgaria or Albania have? Will people from the states Know witch soap Billy Corkhill was a character in? I hope Basket and Marina took all these situations into account when they made the selection for both teams! I hope they have chosen people that reflect the playroom or you may have a lot of the harder questions left alone in the unvalidated box. I have taken part in a number of Quizzes hosted by British, Australian and American people so do know how different the questions will be.

It was said in the ad that you wouldn't count Quiz experience because you could not check out their claims. I think that can be the same for anything anybody says as you can't really ask for references. Quiz experience is very important even if you aren't an expert. I would say the same for fact checking and our good old friend Google. It's about having a wide variety of people from different countries with a good age range as different age demographics will serve The Quiz Party well. I know from taking part in Quizzes on TAFN The Friends accessible network that some young people know questions that some of us older ones don't know and vice versa.

I know that if these factors in my article are just glossed over then only a select few will play and that will be a sad day for the playroom. One of the great things about the Playroom is there are many different games for us all to play and enjoy. Some don't know many games when they first came but thanks to friends and others who are the unsung heroes of the Playroom help others to learn the games. those who go on to learn the games help to teach others in their own language.

Lets make the Quiz Party as representative and inclusive as reasonably possible given the language barriers.



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