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1. devinprater,

Hello all. Because there is no accessible web MUD clients, I suggest that the playroom have one. We could create a new table, pick an MUD to connect to or add a new one, and play right in the playroom, right in our browser or playroom client. Each user at the table could have their own connection. I'm sure others will have more suggestions for the playroom MUD clients.

2. Vojvoda,

why should we have playroom mud client

3. grobar ,

Hello, i don't think that's really for playroom, as having a table is a bit pointless, because people on the table don't really play the same thing, and it's not really like a table.

4. basket,

Moreover, what are you talking about? There are several accessible mud clients, IE VIP mud.

5. Aminiel,

If you are adventurous, you may try this experimentation:

There is a french mud as an example world... from there, if you are good at lua programming, you should be fine.
Telle me what do you think about this client.

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