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1. greenstone,

Hello, a guy from Turkey got an account to insult a girl from play room. Account name is nebi_kabanin_kardesi_orospudur. This means, Nebi Kaban's sister is a prostitute. Nebi Kaban is a blind man and his sister is also a blind who is playing on Playroom. Please ban and delete this account. Because she is offended. Secondly, please assign an admin for Turkish players to inspect or completely prohibit Turkish people to enter playroom. Because there have been many vulgarly manners in Turkish part. These games prevent many people doing daily tasks and kill friendship and kill the chat activities completely. Many people addicted playing these games and abandoned many crucial acctivities. Thirdly, many people use this platform in order to date someone or to insult someone they get angry. Please take some dissuasive steps to prevent these abuses. Thanks.

Latest edition by greenstone, Jan 29 2017 23:15:13

2. Vojvoda,

I really hope they will do something about it. I won't say all but most of Turkish guys here are spamming and insulting others. To be honest I don't think they can do anything about this unfortunately only report to helper would work and then ban. I'd suggest to your friend and everybody whenever you get insulted or someone is spamming send the history report to helpers and tell them what happened.

3. Everyone,

There's a lot of Turkish people who play the games just fine, it's not constructive to overgeneralize.

4. greenstone,

Yes, generalization is wrong. however, there are many fake users, users just to insult someone, user accounts containing insult or swear to insult or swear at someone etc. I am also a Turkish user, I play sometimes. But never insulted one or never swore anybody. But a certain step is necessary to stop these bad things. I see that administrators did wrote nothing about the subject. Please, we are waiting for urgent reply.

5. policeman1,

I am going to arrest those of you descriminating certain group instead of dealing with the actual individual.

6. Vojvoda,

See, when Turkish guy say something like this then we have big problem.

7. YNWA,

I don't think it is fair or nice to label people from one country, remember there are more Turkish people on this platform than people from any other country so statistically it is more likely you will find a bad person from Turkey. If you reverse that statistic then you are likely to find a good one too. I certainly have seen both sides and that can go for other countries to. You can't have a Helper representing 1 individual country as you would have 50 helpers in The English part of the platform. I do however feel if we had more helpers then we would more than likely have more regions of the world covered. Aminiel did say they could have more Helpers if The Helpers wanted it so it was funny to see Basket complain that That He and Marina didn't have enough time Yesterday!

8. Snowflake,

i hope they will do something about it but doubt it. 4 months ago I've reported a player who's username is the romanian word "pula" which in english means dick. They replyed exactly the folowing:
Operators' answer: ahem, it isn't in english so I don't know if there is much we can do. Sorry.

This username is still there of course, because the word is not in english so there isn't much they can do.

Now there is an interesting fact here, they ban users who write their status messages in a different language, if they use to play only on the english part. The same may happen to those who write their free table tytle in another language, but having a vulgar, insulting word as username that can be heard evrytime they create, join, leave a table it's fine. I do understand it is impossible to stay translating each username that contains non english words, but even when we, as native speakers, are trying to help reporting such usernames, helpers just ignore it.

If the rules say we have to write our status messages and free table tytles in english only, then it should be the same about usernames, or at least helpers should be more receptive when we report usernames that contain vulgar, offencive words and stop them because most of us users of the english section are not native english speakers, but as we can't have a section for each language we have to play here and have fun together, without being offended or insulted by somebody's username.

9. YNWA,

Well said Snowflake, B*****15 was another I reported to Mayank and got the same response Umm... Interestingly when playing Krrish and Basket at Yahtzee a couple of months ago, I think Basket commented on that same username but I don't think much was done! Maybe Basket wanted to remove that username but didn't have the power but only Aminiel can only clear that up or one of the helpers!

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