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1. tiny,

hi, we need some options like an option for seeing our teammate cards, and some shortcuts like toggle switching our privacy settings, or some possibilities like a possibility for responding to an invitation with a message quikly without typing usernames when we can't accept the invitation and when we can't join on that game.. i will vary happy if the other users post Themselves options, possibilities or shortcuts here.

2. Vojvoda,

If someone send you an invitation you simply press control j to join him. Seeing cards of your teammate is totally unfair and that is absurd to

3. tiny,

yes, i know the ctrl j shortcut but when we receive an invitation when we don't want join that game, we need to respond into that invitation sometimes, but finding user who send to us an invitation is little hard specially when we are playing, so it isn't bad if we can send a message to that user without typing his/her name. the other possibility that reach in my mind, we need to edit our topic messages sometimes for example you can see, i had mistake in typing the very word on my last message. thanks

4. bloodsharp,

i agree

5. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, from my view it could be reachable, for example by pressing ctrl+shift+j but do you think this is gonna be helpful somehow? Regards.

6. Nikola-Jovic ,

Well how is it hard to find the player in the online users list? If people indeed find it useful, sure i have nothing against it but it just can't be said it's hard to find someone in the online users list. You have a lot of options, first letter navigation, even copying the person's name from history and then just pasting it after the at simbol.

7. Vojvoda,

What is control shift j doing?

8. Nikola-Jovic ,

Nothing for now, but he suggests it responding to an invitation, and by responding i believe he means opening a dialog where you could type a text to a person who invited you.

9. Aminetr25 ,

it is easy to find a player on the list, type the first 3 letters for example, and that playername will be selected. Seeing the cards of others? I think I can call that cheating maybe?

10. Vojvoda,

I got it now, but it could be used for example if you get two invitations that you can chose which one to join.

11. sound2,

Why not ignore the invertations you don't want. Then press control u to get the user list. Then arrow down, or use the letters to find the person you want.

12. Nikola-Jovic ,

Seeing the cards of others was already suggested and refused, and there indeed needs to be some mechanism to choose which invitation you want to accept. If you get 2 invitations at near the same time and you are expecting one, then you press ctrl j and you find you joined the wrong table. That already happened to me, so in that case, when pressing ctrl j it should bring up list of invitations if there are more, and if there's just one then just accept that. Although that will probably be refused with the argument of, well you don't get more than 1 invitations at the same time every day.

13. tiny,

yeah i know ctrl u and finding person with letters, but when we are playing a fast game we need the easy way than this. it's very good that we can see our teammaight cards not any others, i don't know why this offer rejected. and we need some other options and shortcuts or better keys to send a message easily, many times happened for me that i typed a message with @ simbel, but when we want enter and send the message another person sended me a message and catch my message!

14. Aminetr25 ,

It's easy to n't reply until you are done with the game. Or atleest that's what I do.

15. Vojvoda,

Guys when you play a card game in teams, talking about reality now, not online. can you see cards of your teammate?

16. tiny,

of course we can ask about cards i think and speeking about that with our teammate, but other than this, This statement for me is Interesting that now you want we think about reality, but when i speeking about standard rules on yahtzee you defending from non-standard rules and prefering them!

17. YNWA,

IN many sports people play as an individual but are part of a team. It is the colective result of that individual play that makes a good team. That's why we say there is no I in T.E.A.M. or there is no me in T.E.A.M.

In some of the games such as Spades you are not allowed to tell people your cards as it is regarded as cheating. If you bet a 0 then you are supposed to play individually. If you take a trick when betting a 0 it does not count as part of the contract your partner is trying to achieve and that's why you get so many points at the end of a round. What you are effectly asking for is Aminiel to provide you with a special cheat key to make it easier for you!

18. Everyone,

This is an interesting discussion, I believe I may have brought this up in the spades team tournament as well. I think the answer to the question would depend heavily on how you see team games. To me, I see them as working together to find the best strategy. Isn't this also what you do in football, soccer, and just about any team sport? you don't all just run around the field like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off in the hopes that something will happen (although if you support your team and they play badly, you might think otherwise from time to time). What's the point of team play if you basically still play alone? I understand some people see it differently but an option would definitely not hurt.

19. Vojvoda,

Agreed with Ynva

20. tiny,

ok, i accept. now i repeat my last offer please Think Seriously about sending messages with @ symbol, often when 2 person send me a message i can't use with this easy way to send pm quickly or worse than this, my message go wrong to second person. i think 1 good way for this problem is typing 1 or little more characters of person that sends me a message for example we get 2 or 3 messages in short time from tiny cristina and inwa, if we type @t and message, our message go into tiny, also this can happen when we type @c or @i. so we need a personality like auto-complete or auto-Recognition in our playroom program

21. helleon,

i would agree with the propposition a shortcut to reject an invitation, and i think that if you are part of a team you should be able to see your team mate's cards, though obviously if you're not part of a team it is cheating! i totally agree with everyone (as in the user!) what is the point of having a team who are trying to work together if no one can predict what another member of the team is going to do or talk to them about the strategy they are going to use?

22. YNWA,

Helleon you miss the point and that is when someone is bidding a 0 they get 100 points because they are playing individually and can't get help from their partner. Perhaps if people are allowed to see their opponents cards then making that 0 becomes easier so you would have to reduce the points level of getting a 0 to say 70. Perhaps people can have an option of playing blind but get rewarded slightly less points for success as failing a contract would be much harder as you know what your team have.

I do think Tiny's and Everyone's suggestion could work in some games so it would be interesting for it to be tried out for Dominos, Scopa and 1000 miles as that could make those team games more interesting. With Jass, Belote and Spades I feel it would make things easier so failing would happen less offen.

23. tiny,

yes i agree with ynwa, for some games this will be funny. how can we see all open tables into all languages except our own language? for example my default room language is english but i want see other tables in other languages like french, and join and play on those tables but i don't want switch my default language to french

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