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1. garden-lady,

In monopoly, can we have a short key to see how much is in free parking? It is a nuisance to use i to hear all the info before the parking amount appears.

Also, I would like to see keys to indicate what each person bid in spades. For instance, #1 could be for player A; #2 for player B; #3 for player C, etc. This is done in another game room and is very useful during the bidding process instead of scrolling through history. It is also helpful during game in checking to see if you made your bid.

Thanks for this consideration,

Garden Lady

2. Fawaz,

If i remember correct, I guess P will tell you how much in FP.
also in spades you can use v, you don't have to scrole through history.

good luck.

3. YNWA,

V will tell people what their teams have scored not what the individual bets are. Lets say I have gone to get a coffee and come back and everybody has bet. I either have to ask who has bet a 0 or look through the text to see who has bid what. If you know what someone has bid individually it will make things much easier.

4. garden-lady,

Exactly Yngwa

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