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1. markymark,

Hi, I have been the consultant and tester with Spoonbill Games. We have just released BG Twenty20 Cricket and I would very much like to know if it could be included in the playroom?
It is a self voiceing game with SAPI using the Windows platform and is free to download.
Could you please let me know if it is at all possible as it will make a fantastic on-line sports game.
My email is m.pemberton59@btinternet.com

2. bloodsharp,

the game sounds cool

3. Pavkov,

Do not think that Aminiel will be very happy to add it, because as he says he doesn't like sport. But for me this is an awesome suggestion.

4. Carinchen,

I would love to have more word and quiz games here

5. the-alchemist,

i don't think that would even be possible currently... The playroom is simply a client to play games, and as you can see none of them are self voicing. They all follow the same pattern.

6. andkuk,

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7. fire-starter,

lol, what had the last post to do with this topic?

8. Nikola-Jovic ,

Pressure to a letter? LOL.

9. Pavkov,

letter to a pressure!

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