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1. andkuk,

POKER TOURNAMENT TO PLAYROOMU. ORGANIZERS AND IGOR ANDKUK Velkov. The tournament will be 10 March at 17 URI. It can play 20 players so sign since it is free for 18 cities. APPLICATIONS FOR MY SKYPE ANDREJ.KUKOVEC OR ON Playroom FURUMU. ORGANISERS DO NOT ALLOW PRESSURE TO A LETTER until there is a 2 player

2. anabell ,

hello , and I want to participate in this tournament poker

3. andkuk,

ok anabel welcome 10 march 17 time berlin

4. Vojvoda,

Your focus should be UK time haha

5. Cristina,

17:00 Berlin time, it's 16:00 UK time.
Unfortunately i can not participate, cuz it is friday on the 10th of march.
Anyway, good luck for those who will take part in!
Kind regards, Cristina!

6. catallin ,

Hi, count me in please

7. alesia,

count me please

8. Cristina,

Claudiu wants to participate, count him in please.
Thank you!

9. the-supreme-AI,

count me in!

10. policeman1,

Hey count me as well and I am the best in this game so i wish u all a great luck.

11. the-supreme-AI,

thanks! and let's start this thing!

12. policeman1,

yo what time is the tourney cause am ready to put all you in!.

13. Vojvoda,

It's 16:00 UK time or 4 pm

14. policeman1,

thanks for the information.

15. MagicalKrrish,

put me in!

16. andkuk,

for 20 minutes i created table

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