better control in main room and players

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1. tiny,

hi.when we created a table we need to check persons in main room for inviting them, also we need see all players that they waiting for a game to join because sometimes we wait a long time but anybody don't join our games and we decided play another game so we want join quickly and directly with out exeting our table.

2. bloodsharp,

i think that would be great because you could see who is not in a game and invite them

3. jason ,

Totally agree with Tiny.

4. helleon,

i disagree, people do not like being invited by randomers whether they are waiting for a game in the main room or not, i personally do not see the need for this feature, i hate when people who do not know me or don't have anything to do with me just randomly invite me.

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

Umm, if you go to options then privacy, there's a nice option there that says: Who can send me invitations? If you press enter on it it changes to my friends only, and there's your solution.

6. jason ,

forget you helleon smile

7. sound2,

That's not the point. In any case I just ignore any strangers. Although it can get annoying.

8. Nikola-Jovic ,

HMM, but well that's exactly what the option is there for.

9. tiny,

if you hate, so you can don't join those games helyan. but many peoples that are playing here, don't knows the others just we are coming here for play with any person

10. helleon,

OK maybe i'm digging a little too deep into this but what about in the case that you just don't happen to have added a particular player that you have played with in the past to your friend's list? or an old user has just created a new account? In that situation the privacy/friends options will not allow that person to invite someone else as it is a separate account.

11. fire-starter,

i agree with helion here. I personally don't like to be invited to weirdos either.

12. Vojvoda,

Guys what is unclear when you hear that you have option to change your privaci so that only your friends can invite you?

13. YNWA,

If someone is determined enough to spoil your fun then they can just visit you when your friend/another player is the table master and not you.

14. tiny,

this is another subject and not related to this topic.

15. YNWA,

It is related to the topic. The point being is if you stop having fun because of a couple of bad people then you won't have anything. It is like saying don't have free tables because people just abuse them and can't be trusted. If a feature is good then it's worth having regardless. Don't forget at some point 99% of the players were strangers to begin with. One of the new users can be fun and really interesting or Abdulrahman II, you will only find out after you have experienced what they are like as people. I have met many people here and most are good people. It's a pity they don't all speak English but I guess they will say it's a pity I don't speak their language either, lol.

16. tiny,

i speek about better control into players that they waiting for a game for joining and better control the mainroom when we create a table to see wihch persons are mainroom for invite. however if a player that who master Insist on having invite bad people in table when his master, finally we can decide don't join that table.

17. helleon,

@Ynwa no1 said they were bad people as such we just do not want to be invited by randomers, i'm sorry but you've twisted that completely

18. YNWA,

If people want to stay in their cliques and keep themselves to their self then this platform will just go down hill. People will just stick to the simple games, play bots or go somewhere else. People will be much stronger if they work together and help each other rather than keep out the unknown. this why people don't try the harder games because nobody helps them.

19. Cristina,

Do not say that nobody helps them, cuz myself have helped many players to learn even harder games. And I still do it when someone asks this from me.
Personaly, I often get invited by many unknown players, and I do not feel bothered. if I want i accept those invitations if no, then no. lol

20. helleon,

OK Ynwa i take your point in some respects. Christina do you not think it is a little...strange for someone who does not know you or know anything about you to invite you to a game? another thing that randomers are doing now is sending random friend requests.

21. sound2,

I agree with ymwa and hellion here. The internet is full of all kinds of people. I'd rather be open and ignore all those that bother me. Even if you only had your settings restricted to only friends. It wouldn't solve much. Just my opinion.

22. Nikola-Jovic ,

What's the issue when you change privacy settings? I think this is just making issue out of nothing. And no it's not strange if someone randomly invites you, was it strange for you when you created your account and wanted to get to know people?

23. Vojvoda,

Exactly Nikola, this is called playroom and if your privacy is sett so that only your friends can invite you, nobody can bother you. Only your friends are able to invite you and in case your friends are disturbing you then I am sorry. Some guys here are trying to get new friends and some guys just want to find someone to play with. I know some of us use this platform more for chatting, even I am more free tabling than playing but this is our problem if our friends are disturbing us or if our privacy is not sett good.

24. helleon,

no nikola it was not strange, because although i was new here i did not send out random invitations to people i did not know. not because i was not in their friends' list, but because common sense told me that inviting people who did not know me to games or free tables was strange and intrusive. if i want to talk to someone for one reason or another, despite them not knowing who i am, i would do one of 2 things:

  1. Join a table they happen to be sitting at.
  2. PM them, stating clearly why I am doing so, so that they know i am not spamming them.

Latest edition by helleon, Feb 23 2017 03:01:52

25. YNWA,

I believe in RS you could be hanged for that?

26. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, that's because you like chatting on free tables more Helleon, but if you liked a certain game, you would want to play it with whoever. After all, this is a social network, if you don't like someone there's blocking, if you find random invites weird again there's an option for that, so all depending on your preference.

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