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1. tiny,

hi, with page up and down we can Review our history it's very good but because we Abdicate from the original Operation of these keys, we need another key for it. i think we need to this when we pressing ctrl u or ctrl shift u, or when we want coppy a part of history we need or in some games when we want Several Items and we want go in the Middle of them. or others like that, ctrl end and home now doing same home and end, i think ctrl home and ctrl end is good replacement for page up and page down.

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, but why would you even replace page up and down? What's the issue for them?

3. tiny,

i don't want replace page up and down and operation of it, i want we have another keys for for page up and page down and i tried tell some reasons with my bad english. better reviewing history for coppying part of it is 1 reason because in long history we can't explorer our history with arrow keys for coppy a message quickly. and another, on yahtzee we can't select the categories with letters

4. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes yes i get that you want another key, but why? Page up and down works.

5. tiny,

with page up and down in normal mode we can move more between items, move more in texts, and with shift and those keys we can select texts but now we can't, so i think we need a key for doing it

6. helleon,

ctrl home and ctrl end bring us to the top and bottom of the history respectfully, which i find useful. i agree with nikola on this one, what is the point in having another set of keys to serve the same purpose, or in other words, what is your problem with using page up and down?

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

I think i get what the person wanted, correct me if i'm wrong. A key to start a selection, then by pressing page up and down you would keep selecting parts of the history, which you can later copy with a shortcut.

8. Fawaz,

TO copy use control+space.
u can copy what u're just read on history buffer.

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes but the person means copying multiple things, not just one, ctrl space works, but only copies one thing.

10. Fawaz,

he can always go to the history buffer by tab, then navigate using aerows and celect as just as in any text editor.

11. tiny,

editing with text editor is another thing. yes correct. a key for moving between several items and lines and select several lines in history, that page up and down do in texts but not there

12. soundarya,

I am going to try to explain what I understand from the first post.
The page up and down keys are good here as they enable us to navigate quickly through chats, private messages etc, but they have disabled the original functionality of page up and down which is to move one page up or down.
For example, say you have 100 messages in the history.
If you press page up, originally it should take you up to around 10 or 20 message but the facility of using it as a special keystroke on playroom helps you only go one message up.
Another issue is noted when you press ctrl+u or ctrl+w and would desire to jump 10 or 20 itoms in the list. normally page up and down would work but since it is asigned to a different function it instead performs the function of navigating through the history.
so She is suggesting, as far as I understand, that there should be a pare of shortcut resembling the original function of page up and down keys.

13. tiny,

very good soundarya

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