Translate the albanian server to serbian

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1. vlajna95,

Hello all...
I've seen that there is no players on the albanian server, so I think it would be great to translate that server to serbian, because many players from Serbia and countries around it would really like it, and that server would be very useful.
So, aminiel and other important people, please consider thinking about this idea...

2. Saniel_Morse,


First of all, I'm not a helper or something as some quite few people have said. Smiles.

But what I can say is that, firstly you will need to make a solid team of translators (although one people could help it's not so good to put him/her to work under presure) and there will be needed some helpers to keep things fine in that side. Note that the playroom dev can't translate the server himself since he doesn't speak servian.

If all the required people is ready to proceed, they will have to send a message in french to contact the developer and thus everything's going to be ready to be translated.

In a note changing a little bit of topic, funnyly I realized that the alvanian server was displaying all the messages in french, like it were a second copy of it; I haven't checked it again to insure what I say is true or false, however.

Kind regards.

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yep that server is broken, i had an issue where i was on it for some time, and couldn't enter playroom anymore it gave an error protocol 6, so i had to change the language manually in config.

4. YNWA,

Aminiel has always said he is willing to create a platform for other languages but the team has to be a strong team with helpers etc. Have some meetings with people that will help you to create a team. Don't take a short term view as you need people to keep things going for a long time. I know there is quite a few Serbian people here so it can work. .

5. Pavkov,

I am 100% sure that we have enough strong team. What I can't understand why do we have to write in French when Aminiel can speak enough good english, so for me that is irrelevant. But if admins want so then I ask if here is anyone who can speak English and French to help us writing that message. I saw that thing on Albanian server so I hope Aminiel can fix it quickly and will agree to let us using that server.

6. kristijan,

Hello all. I am willing to support the serbian team in translating playroom

7. Cristina,

Hope Aminiel will agree to give you that server because as I've seen the albanian players uses to be on the english or the italian server.
I even wondered why was that albanian server created as long as the albanian players did not use it.
I am sure that many serbian players will be glad if there will be a serbian server, because some of them do not know english at all.
Many romanian players would be glad if there would be a romanian server as well, but unfortunately I do not have with who to team up if I would want to translate to romanian language.
Anyway it's good that you have a team already and I wish you good luck guys!
Kind regards, Cristina!!!

8. Keltoslav,

I give this wonderful endeavour my full support. I personally know a few Serbs who do not speak english, and who don't use playroom often just for that one reason. So, you have my full support.

9. Slavista,

Hello. I think, there are many serbs and other people who can speak this language... There won't be problem to create strong team of helpers, translators etc. So my support from the Czech Republic...

10. YNWA,

The reason you are expected to write in French is because when you translate the playroom they expect you to Translate the French edition directly into Serbian. Aminiel is the owner and not part of admin who run the playroom on a day to day basis. I guess that if there is an error say in the English translation then you would be repeating that error if you translate from Serbian to English. I think you have already seen the comments on the English translation. All I will add is that if you wanted to translate Lord of the rings for example you would translate from the original English language edition and not a French or Spanish translation even if they are the same. Having said all this a while ago Snowflake did show me a post where Mario did translate from English to German so I personally can't see why not.

I don't remember any languages replacing ones that were unpopular. Lets say That a Turkish team was also ready to translate that you both would be competing for the same spot or replace any existing languages that have a low attendence record then it would not be good. Aminiel has always said that if you can prove you had a strong team then he would always let you create a further language for the platform. All I would say is create that team and I wish you the best of luck with your translation.

11. orpheus,

hello everybody, I know a lot of Serbian people here who can and who can not speak English. I am sure they can get very good translators team. Meanwhile, this language is understandable for more than 20 million people from the balcan peninsula. so, Support from Macedonia and all players form here who would use the serbian translation too.

12. dzoni ,

This would be a good thing to do for many reasons, the first thing a lot of people from Serbia do not know English well and it would mean that they do not have to use script for jaws

13. Basti,

yes I would like to see the playroom in serbian, please. There are many people who don't speak english so good...

14. afrim,

Well I would not agree to take down the Albanian server because it has no players in it. By this, you're denying someone's contribution and effort put on translating to a language which is very difficult to translate to. The guy who translated to Albanian is a person who has a considerable knowledge in English, but, from a prospective of someone who works exclusively with languages, I would say it is quite unprofessional and ambiguous for a native speaker of Albanian. I am willing to contribute but the interest for having a professional Albanian translation is quite inconsiderable.

15. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, as i've already said there's no reason to replace the server, i'm pretty sure the playroom's infrastructure allows easy adding of new languages, the only problem is that as Aminiel said in another thread he doesn't have the required time at the moment, so i'll be patiently waiting for him to have more time and then will be glad to translate the playroom. As for the Albanian server, it isn't working anyways, and while it doesn't need to be replaced it should at least be either fixed or removed, as it has no use right now.

16. Giovani,

I also support translation of Playroom of some Serbocroatian varieties, because there are also some Croatian people too. But, Serbian is same language, so I appreciate this idea also.

17. opusti_se ,

I support it.

18. Giovani,

I must say, that closing of Albanian isn't good way, but to create new server in Serbian is good way by myself.

19. Nikola-Jovic ,

It is because it was not working anyways

20. Giovani,

But, somebody of Us must create another server of this language and very bad is, that You must know French language. I don't know, why, because I think, that Quentin speaks English, or no?

21. Nikola-Jovic ,

Well i'll try to explain the point with translating from French since a lot of players seem to not get it. When a new game is created, it's messages are written in French first, and then translated to English. When you are translating from French, you're esentially making sure you will have no wrong translations. Of course even French translation has errors, but the probability is much smaller. When you are translating from English however, there might be errors which you will repeat in your translation. The only case where Aminiel should allow translating from English is when a translator uses playroom regularly and knows all games, because that also means he knows how to translate them.

22. helleon,

it seems the albanian server, or at least the one that says schkip or something has been taken down.

23. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes it was as i said because it wasn't working

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