A suggestion for the update of playroom client

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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello all and especially Aminiel. So today i had the issue which i wrote about in another topic, that is, was unable to log in to playroom because of Albanian being set as playroom language. So i have a suggestion, to make shift f3 to switch languages work even at the connection screen, that is, the one where you enter your username and password. I know playroom very well so i was able to fix the problem from the config.ini file, but this wont be the case for everyone. If anyone else has similar issue, that is, wants to change the language without logging in, do the following: Go to appdata/roaming/qcgc and in there, open the file config.ini with notepad. This is the file where you can edit options manually, at least the ones that aren't managed by the server. Change the like that says, user language= xx, where xx is your current language to English or French or whatever the case might be.

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