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1. Basti,

Hi all!
The next Saturday, March 11, we are organizing a 99 tournament. The first matches will be played at 5:00 PM (UTC).


  1. The participants will be the first 15 persons to contact the organizer (write to him privately), the organizer is the 16th player. The organizer is bastibasti.
  2. At the beginning, the competitors will be randomly divided to four groups. Each group will play one match, and the winner will go to the semi-finals. Then we'd have two semi-final matches; the players will be randomly combined. And of course, the winners are going to the final! They will have a match to decide the winner of the whole tournament. But those semi-final players without luck will have a battle for the third place! :)
  3. Every player starts with 9 tokens in every match.

Awaiting for you to join,

2. Vojvoda,

I am in

3. Badgirl,

You both? :P ;)

4. bloodsharp,

i would like to join but i am not the best at at that game

5. YNWA,

you say that but who can say, with a bit of luck I am sure you can do well!

6. Vojvoda,

btw, there are 6 places left still

7. the-supreme-AI,

count me in guys!

8. alesia,

helo count me please

9. Basti,

Hi friends!
First, I want to notify you about a small change related with the start of the tournament. It will be at 4 PM UTC, not 5 PM.

And there are the groups/tables for the first part of the tournament. The winners of any table are going to the semi-final battles.

Table 1: Bastibasti, Dzoni, Kizo1 and Dalibor.
Table 2: Vojvoda, Ceyda, Andkuk and the supreme Ai.
Table 3: Nikola, Igor-velkov, Kokolo and Earthquake.
Table 4: Vlajna95, Catallin-Stojan, Claudiu and Cola.

10. Vojvoda,

Giving information about changes one day before the tournament is not a smart idea at all

11. YNWA,

Once you have your full quota of players you should tell people on the forum that all spots are taken for the 99 tournament as it prevents people having false hope. Alesia applied for the tournament on the forum and you failed to notify her that she wasn't part of the tournament. It is not nice hearing it from a third party after you posted the draw on the foram, I am sure you wouldn't like it either if it happens to you.

I think it would be a great good will gesture from you to allow Alesia to replace you in the 99 tournament. it is highly likely that not all people will be able to attend the tournament so making this gesture shouldn't affect you that much as you are likely to get your place back later thanks to a withdrawal.

I know this is your first tournament and I wish you the best of luck with the 99 tournament.

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12. Basti,


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