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1. garden-lady,

Please create a shortcut key to tell how much is in free parking without having to go through all the information in key i. I have noticed key F is not used in game & would be appropriate... I hope the administrators will work on this. Thank you.

2. Saniel_Morse,

Is it me or this is kind of a dejabu post? Well but according to your question, if I'm not wrong, you can know that information by pressing the "P" key. If you press F1 at any game table, you will see the available shortcut keys for it.

Kind regards.

3. garden-lady,

No, p is to pay when you want to get out of jail, smile. Yes, you can use i key, as I have already said, but you must listen to a lot of information before the amount is stated at the very end.

4. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, indeed I've confirmed what you've just said. I'm sorry for believing I know a lot when in fact I don't know nothing. Hehe. Long time I don't do this so I lacked of some info.

I agree with your suggestion; maybe Shift+P might be a good candidate to review it quickly.

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