enable /mute command to table owners

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31. kimimaro ,

Exactly, I meant that

32. matar.desgarrar,

Hi. Agreeing with bojvoda at this point. You can kick the user. I repeat: I think that the suggestion was about muting the entire chatroom. I find quite violent to kick or ban many users at a time, but for a puntual user you can ban or kick him. I said that I don't agree with the position previously posted which consists on systematically banning or kicking. Regards.

33. Aminetr25 ,

God how i wish /mute username would be added. See, I am not a table master, and I don't want to read spammy messages of a person. Let's say the table master is AFK. What shall I do? i don't want to leave the table just because of some reasons. Let's see who disagrees with this one too. Wouldn't surprise me though.

34. Saniel_Morse,

Well, as a phrase says: why we hurt the others? Yet ignoring them is twice worse. You can simply let him talking his bs and he'll eventually stop and shut up, it has to do with common sense and moral. The main idea, has previously posted, is to disallow the public chat only for the table we are sitting in, including, but not limited to, free tables, not avoiding the chat for a specific person because there exist tools like blocking or banning, etc. Also, if he's getting annoying like the heck, it's better that all the good participants create a new free table and you'll realize that everything will be alright in a moment.

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