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1. tiny,

hi, we need determine save our tables automaticly for example 3 minutes after we disconnecting, or automaticly leave the playroom when we are not in the game but we disconnected. because we don't want some one send invitation or messages but he don't get a respond from us.

2. YNWA,

Although I agree that there does need to be a automatic cut-off point for people that disconnect I don't think it should be 3 minutes. I don't think it would be a good idea for the tables to be automatically saved if that was possible. What happens if you are playing bouillabaise with say with6 others. I am sure they would love it being saved if there was only a few cards to play in the last round. When I was first here if someone disconnected then you had to leave that table but fortunately you go out now and someone else can play on with no issues at all.

In an ideal world The Helpers would kick players that are stuck but as we have so many players using the Playroom that is out of the question. If you do notice someone stuck in a game for a long time then you can report it to The helpers and they can kick that player saving others from hanging around for nothing.

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