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1. YNWA,

Aminiel has already put this out but just changed a couple of things. Also it is worth being on it's own for future reference.

1. Science & technology: here goes questions about computers, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and anything technical or near, but also questions about inventors and their inventions. There are also a few questions about how various stuff works or how they have been discovered.

2. Nature & anatomy: here goes biology, questions about the human body, and anything related to plants and animals

3. History: here I think I don't need to give a lot of explanations

4. Geography and politics: geography isn't only about rivers, mountains, countries and cities, but also about population, migration, ethnicity, governance, etc. We decided to put geography and politics together because, in fact, they are often somehow related one with the other.

5. Games & entertainment: here we have questions about games, their genre and rules, sometimes from where they come or who created them, including video/audiogames. There are also questions about other kinds of entertainments, such as do it yourself, sewing, knitting, sailing, fishing, chasing, ...

6. Music: questions about singers and their songs, modern as well as classical, and groups and boy/girl bands of course, but also sometimes (though quite rare) theory questions about instruments, chords and the like

7. Cinema: here goes all questions related to films, their scenarios, universe and history context, as well as about actors, producers, etc.

8. Languages and human science: here we have everything related to the language (including foreign languages) such as expressions, vocabulary, spelling, the sense of the words, how do you say this in that language, etc. on one hand, and on the other hand all human sciences which don't really go somewhere else, for example psychology, social science, anthropology, ethnology, and also law. We grouped these two because there aren't enough questions to split them further.

9. Television and media: this is different from cinema because here, we talk about TV and radio shows, journalism and newspapers, new media, and sometimes about famous advertisements and the like; never about films, and nor about series, which goes in their own respective category

10. Literature: I think it's rather clear, here goes everything about books and their authors, how and why they wrote books, as well as famous quotes

11. Sport: no comment. In French, most of the questions are about world-wide competitions such as football, tennis, ice hockey and olympic disciplines, but there are still a few questions about less known or less international sports as well

12. Beliefs and traditions: I chose beliefs and not religion because you have also questions about superstitions and ancient beliefs for example. Then, the tradition side is quite general, we have questions about national holidays, how marriages, birth and deaths are celebrated, as well as more subtle cultural questions.

13. Arts & creations: here goes all the arts that don't go in other categories, for example painting, sculpture and architecture

14. Cooking and gastronomy: her goes of course everything related to food from all over the world. We have also a few questions about famous cookers, famous restaurants, and also about McDo...

15. Box Sets & cartoons: finally, here goes all series and cartoons that you can watch on the TV: our old walt disneys as well as game of thrown... we split it from cinema because this is often not the same at all, because you may follow series a lot but not cinema or conversely, and also because otherwise there would be far too much questions under a grouped cinema+series category. We also put questions about japanese anims, mangas and comics here.

I would like to ad a 16th topic called Pot Luck. It would cover any question that has no category. People would have to trust their luck to what kind of question they get. It has proved popular in British/American quizzes.

for example what category would you put this question:

Duffel coats are named after a town in which country?

a) Belgium
b) Holland
c) Germany
d) Austria

Answer A

You can't put it in Geography because it would have a loose fit and you would be widening the boundaries. That would be the same for creations as coats are made too.

Box Sets are Television series. If you look under Box Sets on amazon you would get a huge selection of tv series. It does not change anything what you require from that Category.

You said You wanted questions from The UK and America. I would include other English speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand too as there are people from those regions as well. I would also include world questions where we all may have a chance of getting them right. Hopefully this way we can have a little bit of something for everybody.

Hopefully this quiz can be fun while we learn some new things about people, places and events that we never knew before.

2. Aminiel,


As I have already said, I'm totally against a category made of random questions. Quiz Party isn't a game of chance.

The risk with such a fit-all category is that, as soon as the boundaries of other categories are slightly reached, they will land on your pot luck. At the end I'm sure that there will be 3 times more unsorted questions than sorted ones and so will the interest of having categories be lost.

I tell you that by experience. In the first version of the french quiz, there wasn't a pot luck but a category called practical life (approximative translation). As the time went, we got a little of everything; and a bit of everything means essentially the same as a lot of nothing.

Having no escaping category will force you to sort your questions better. For your example question, clothing goes under arts and creations, as clothing is the kind of art like architecture or painting that doesn't fit somewhere else.

I'm pretty sure that with our 15 categories, almost everything has one place somewhere. I don't think of something that wouldn't go anywhere.

3. YNWA,

Thanks for that Aminiel as it is a big help. It is better to have things as clear as possible so we all know where we stand. It is good to see some flexability in the categories as we don't want to leave great questions out.

4. Carinchen,

I would love a category with blindness or handicap related questions.

5. Aminiel,

I would love a category with blindness or handicap related questions.

There is really no need for such a specific category. Additionally, it would be one more reason to accuse us of creating a ghetto and that's of course not the image we want to spread (yes, we get thisk remark from time to time)

You have the occasion to have blindness or handicap related questions in almost all of the existing categories. In the french quiz, we have questions about Jaws and accessibility in technology, paralympics in sport, famous blind artists/creators/writers in music/litterature/art, etc. References to blindness and other handicaps aren't rare at all, in acceptable proportions. Note that an overload of such questions wouldn't be good either, we should stop thinking that we are in our small lovely blind world; we are in the reality and half of our integration to the real world must come from us.

More generally, categories aren't there to limit your creativity; they are still quite vague, and open for a lot of things.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Mar 23 2017 18:02:54

6. Vojvoda,

Bravo Aminiel! We don't need blindy categories. As you said we should stop living in our small blind world!

7. Giovani,

Also, where can I posted questions about some computer news, about some websites?
Please, could You create category Computers & internet, or can I post those things to the category Science & technology?

8. Nikola-Jovic ,

I think computer questions would go to sciences and technology.

9. Vojvoda,

And where should I post logical tricky questions

10. Aminiel,

Computer and internet questions effectively go to science and technology.

Try not to ask too specific questions. Be careful about internet-related ones, unless it's something really universally known over the world like Google, Facebook or Wikipedia. Otherwise, All the people who aren't especially fan of computers, internet or digital world in general will really start to strongly dislike this category.

Math and common logic math-like questions also go to science and technology. But again about math, don't forget that not everybody has a high level and isn't able to solve derivatives, integrals, vector calculus and such things. Questions must stay reasonable. Note also that the game master generally set the thinking time to 15 seconds, and the time taken to read the question is included in these 15 seconds.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Mar 24 2017 06:51:17

11. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Sorry to come off sounding like a grammar nazi but both me and LadyBellatrix6666 noticed that the literature category is spelled with two Ts when only one is necessary.

12. Giovani,

That's true and grammar Nazi, this is I think, very funn compliment. But yes, I have noticed this misstake also.

13. Nikola-Jovic ,

Fixed after today's reboot.

14. Vojvoda,

It was fixed even before reboot

15. Nikola-Jovic ,

LOL don't think so, anyways not too important when was it fixed but it is.

16. BellaCat6666,

Why is there no math section in this?

Latest edition by BellaCat6666, Mar 25 2017 16:52:25

17. afrim,

I would like to present a suggestion; since we can see how many questions are accepted by the Quiz party team for each contributor, would it be possible, at least, to see which questions are accepted only by the user individually who has submitted the questions?
That would be very helpful.

18. YNWA,

Originally I wanted to create a vollenteers page to thank everybody who had contributed to The Quiz Party, However, the amount is so great it would be impossible to track the amount of people who have contributed. I can understand people may want to remain annonomous even if they have contributed hugely. I don't know if it is possible to have a setting that would allow people to opt out of being publically viewed. I can see the arguments for both sides.

19. afrim,

To me it's not really a problem if my name is viewed publically as a contributor, but I would just like to see as a contributor which of my questions are validated out of all my questions that I have submitted. This would be an incredibly good feature. It would be ideal if only the contributor could see his questions and not the whole people who are contribuding cause then the game would no longer make sense.

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