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1. YNWA,

Dear All

As you will have noticed Quiz appeared in The English part of the Playroom. We are delighted that we are finally able to work on this truly wonderful project. We would like to Thank Aminiel for putting his trust and faith into The Quiz team as it is very much appreciated by all of us on the Quiz team.

We would also like to put on record our debt of gratitude to every single person who has kindly put in their effort by submitting some really interesting questions for us to validate. Guess what folks I may finally get half a brain after learning so much when researching so many of your fascinating questions!

I am truly humbled by the quality of the English you are producing and the amazing efforts that people have made when putting many of these questions together.

I will end this post by thanking each and everyone of you for everything you have done on behalf of The Quiz Team as we all really appreciate all the effort you have put into your questions.

We can only work hard now on reaching the magic 3,000 questions so you are able to see the results of your labour for yourselves and be amazed like us.

thank you all

The Quiz Team

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, i join this post to thank Aminiel for bringing the game to the English server and looking forward to seeing all great questions that people submitted. I have a question, how can I join the team? I messaged Basket and Marina but not sure are they still involved.

3. bogdanmuresan,

Thanks to Aminiel and the team for the big efforts.

4. Oana-tN,

Thanks to Aminiel and everyone who is working on this team.

5. TheOracle,

how long does it take to validate questions?

i've submitted quite a few myself:)

6. YNWA,

How long is a piece of string, I think you have had a number of questions validated already and there is a list of people who have had the most questions submitted. There are a number of people on the team so they could choose to do things differently. Some may want to add questions from categories we are short of, some will validate the latest questions and others will validate the oldest questions. There is no instructions on what questions people validate first. We have had 3600 questions validated and 1600 to be validated so you are joining quite a queue. Remember there is other tasks we need to do as well as validating that will include correcting existing errors we find, repeats and of course any questions that you flag up.

Unfortunately we are unable to comment on individual questions as this would take up so much time as there have been so many people who have sent in questions for validation. We prefer to use our valuable time on making the quiz much better and enjoyable for everybody to play. So far the feedback has been very good and it is really nice to see so many of you enjoying Quiz Party on the English part of the platform.



Latest edition by YNWA, May 3 2017 18:33:21

7. TheOracle,


that's cool. thanks for the response

really making an effert here to submit questions

8. sound2,

I've played it, and foud the game interesting. It would be nice if the game got everyone's genda right, instead of calling everyone else, he. I thought that would be automatic. Otherwise it's enjoyable. Hopefully it goes further from strength to strength.

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

What do you mean by that? If you mean messages for female and male gender then there was a topic for it and basically Aminiel said it might be added but it requires reviewing a lot of messages.

10. sound2,

I didn't see that topic earlier. Was just commenting on my experience.

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