A new spammer.

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1. The-Queen,

Hi guys. I know we are all tired and annoyed of spammers. But I guess I found one. The name of the person is:

2. helleon,

i have a suspicion it may be the return of abdulrahman, though i cannot be sure

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

Nah, this user isn't using web client, however so far no evidence of spam has been shown.

4. Dayan ,

Lol I don't think he is abdulrahman, however yes he's a big spammer. I blocked him since was sending me pm's every time every minute.

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

LOL that sounds interesting definitely, i was on free table and he seemed to talk normally so...

6. BellaCat6666,

Yeah I blocked him too because he was constantly being pushy about getting my contact info even though I told him several times no. I don't know how many different ways I can tell him that I don't feel comfortable giving that out to certain ppl.

7. The-Queen,

I speak some what the language that the spammer was saying they can speak. And guess what. It was a big booming failiar. That is why I assumed this person might be a spammer.

8. fire-starter,

we have privacy settings for those spammers ÑdÑd. Thats why i don´t encounter them.

9. The-Queen,

There is not a privacy setting on who can add you as a friend.

10. Mayana,

No, there isn't, but they can't be your friend until you accept the friend request. So you can just refuse it and block them.

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