Regarding the playroom translation.

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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, we have a team which would work on translating the playroom in to Serbian ready, and i wrote on contact page multiple times without getting reply. Just wanted to know why and can we work on the translation? I also send the translation for the Windows client and we need to translate the games and all other parts.

2. Pavkov,

Just as a note for Aminiel, Serbian can be written in Latin and Cirilics. And we write from left to right if that is any of the problems Aminiel thought about.

3. Aminiel,

Cyrilic isn't a problem, the playroom has already a russian translation. The problem is more that I don't have time on my side to launch a new translation team; that's not so easy. I'm sorry. At some point I hope to let you start...

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4. Nikola-Jovic ,

Thanks for the answer, and yes our language can definitely work on Playroom, i tested with the lng file and all letters are correctly displayed thanks to Playroom being in UTF8 which is great. OK then, we will wait and i hope you will let us know when you have time for the new translation.

5. Pavkov,

I am thanking for the answer too. To be honest it made me a bit sad but we hope that one day we'll have opportunity to translate playroom.

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