Spades tournament

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1. serbian ,

Hello friends,
we are organizing tournament in spades which will be played in teams. 12 teams will be participating,
We will play with 4 groups, in every group will be 3 teams. Two best teams from each group will go to the quarter. We will make a random draw for groups and for the quarter.
Tournament will take place on April 22nd and 23rd, starting timewill be 7 pm UK, and 8 pm Berlin time.
Everybody is welcome to participate, if you have any questions about this tournament please ask here or by sending me an inbox message.
Kind regards
Serbian and Vojvoda

2. Vojvoda,

We forgot to say, every match will be played with score limit to 444

3. sunny,

Count me in.

4. Vojvoda,

Okay, just as a information for all participants and for those who want to participate, tournament will be one week later, April 29 and 30. everything else is the same. We did this because of the hearts tournament which will take place on April 21st and 22nd

5. YNWA,

Thank you for confirming this as it is very much appreciated. All I can add is I wish the tournament hosts the best of luck along with the participants. it is excellent there are so many exciting events coming up in the playroom for many players to lookforward too.

6. alesia,

count me in please

7. marius.c ,

hello , my want participate this tournament but my no have partner .

8. Badgirl,

I also would like to participate. Should we sign in in teams already?

9. Vojvoda,

You choose your partner, if you don't find any we can try finding one for you.

10. marius.c ,

ok. thanks

11. Adventure-Time,

Badgirl and myself will be forming a team. Ready to win I guess. :D

12. alesia,

helo my partner is... furki thanks

13. sunny,

Me and Farhan will play as a team.

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