Is this a new quiz category?

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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, when looking at how many questions each category has, at the bottom is: ctg0: 2. What is CTG0?

2. YNWA,

I have just seen your message on the forum. I can say that there has been no extra categories introduced into The Quiz Party. I have not seen that message be fore and to be honest I have no idea why it is there. If someone has an explanation I would like to know. I will look to see if that suggestion is anywhere else and if it is I will report it to Aminiel.

While I am here can I say to people that we are now finding some questions are getting repeated so of course we have to delete them. Think of the quiz as a magazine and your question is like an article. If your question is different to what others send in then your question is more likely to be retained If you look to the bottom of the categories then those are the ones we require more of. Quiz party will be available after 3000 questions so an equal share is 200 per category. Sport is not just related to football but to many sports. If you have 150 questions on football you leave little room for all the other sports. I know for one tournament Snowflake, Adventure-time and I hosted, 19 different nations took part. We know there is many more nationalities here so we have to have a little bit of everything for everybody so If you send in a big number of questions about your own country/team then quite a few may have to be excluded because we don't want to favour one country too much over another. obviously s you will have some more questions about English speaking nations but we will try to be as fair to everybody as we possibly can.

This doesn't just apply to sport but all other subjects. I know it is hard for everybody to see what we have. We have many questions on Capital Cities Harry Potter, Shrek, The Periodic table and many more.

I hope this sheds a little more light on what is required.



on behalf of the Quiz Party Team .

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

Was guessing it's not a new category and just an error, but just to clarify where the message is: Create a quiz party table. After the players with the most questions, you get number of questions in each category. After the last category the following is listed: ctg0: 2. so like there's a category named ctg0 with 2 questions, which is obviously not true.

4. Adventure-Time,

Perhaps it might mean that the category is somewhat not defined.

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes that's definitely what it means, but i'm not entirely sure how could you do that. Maybe someone made a mistake with bulk submissions, although i'm quite sure the server checks the sintax and then submits the questions

6. YNWA,

It is not listed in the list of categories as I have checked.

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

Not in the list of categories, i have already explained where is it listed.

8. helleon,

Could it be the pot luck category with questions that do not belong anywhere else, a proposal that was suggested and rejected in a previous topic?

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