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1. balasana ,

Yesterday when I was playing hearts, one of the members on the team PMed about a question I submitted about a TV show, and told me there is a book with the same title as well—the person knows that I like books. Later on I noticed that question was held and not being validated and released. I asked the same person why they were holding a question they knew was good, and was told they have 500 literature questions. Then I was accused first of only wanting questions about books to go through, second of wanting to be on top of the leader board, third of wanting the QP to close to my own satisfaction.
A few notable items:
1. The question mentioned above isn’t a literature question, it belongs to television category.
Here is it:
The long running TV series, "Band of Brothers", was a co-production between what two countries?
Sweden and Denmark
UK and France
Germany and UK
USA and UK
2. If contributors are expected to focus on certain categories of questions, and other categories are not going to be released, we need to be told clearly and publicly so not to waste our time.
3. There should be a clear validation policy being posted publicly specifying the procedure and order the questions being validated and released.
4. I’ve always been a huge Trivia fan. Been playing Trivia Crack on iPhone forever. Personally I’d love to see QP off the ground as soon as possible. I have been doing my best to submit questions, although my schedule had allowed little game time on PR otherwise. Yes, I submitted many book questions, but also sports and televisions that I personally have little interest in. I was disappointed that I was personally attacked, and was treated in this disrespectful and unappreciated manner.
5. Naturally I will stop sending in questions. But I still believe QP in itself is a good thing. For those who would like to contribute, is the best source I have found so far. It has thousands of questions in many categories, and the format of the questions are exactly the same as here. Those questions are done in good faith, and many of them have explanations below the answers. You might wish to include them in your submission so to save validators’ time.

2. Aminiel,

You should write to YNWA to tell your problems. I'm not responsible at all. You shouldn't probably have written this publicly, and you shouldn't probably stop sending questions.

Normally, all acceptable questions should be taken, and all categories must be taken the same. Certain validators may tend to prefer certain categories over others, it's human and natural; but if they aren't sure, or if they don't like a particular category, they should leave other validators do the job, not discard the question without other reason or so fail to have respect to the author of the question.

3. YNWA,

Dear All

Unfortunately there are only 4 of us working on Quiz Party at present so we would like to ask for your patients while we resolve these issues. We value everybody's questions so we are unable to give anybody's questions any preferences when we recieve them.

We have found many errors in the validated questions and are working as hard as possible to correct them before The Quiz Party is officially launched.

We appologise for any delays.

The Quiz Party Team

4. balasana ,

Hi Aminiel I don't have a track record of complaining publicly here, and I didn't hold you responsible. I had to post after not being able to resolve the issue with the team in a fair manner, and instead being personally attacked. The change of philosophy from not favoring certain category to not favoring certain contributor is impressive. i'm glad The team has enough questions in the queue for the launch.
This is my last post on the quiz subject.

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

Actually, the team has no absolute right to tell how many questions should be in each category, that just completely depends on the community. If people favour certain categories more, they will be more popular so i don't think complaining about your question was right, not to mention that someone might have more experience with books than let's say nature and anatomy or in general all other categories.

6. the-raven,

I agree, but i still do think the central point is to possibly have the same amount of questions in each category. Maybe it would help to put a limit to all categories (say, 300), untill all categoires have been filled out.

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes i understand that as well, but you can't refuse questions simply because of other categories being less popular. Those who love such categories should just spend some time to send questions.

8. the-raven,

Of course you shouldnt refuse already sent questions, i agree, but if you agree on a limit then that would be something else

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

I personally have nothing against that kind of limit, but think developers wont do that simply cause it will take a lot of effort considering questions have already been send.

10. YNWA,

Lets just clear up a couple of points even though that private conversation was at 00:45 after a long day in the pr since 10:00 in the playroom after working on the quiz. My mistake was being too open with people as I wanted people to have an understanding on how the quiz worked.

We don't delete questions just because we have a lot of them, we can't give individual reasons why we delete questions because too many people will want an explanation. We only make decisions that will benefit the Quiz Party in the long term as we want it to last for many years to come. I think that I am more awake now so can better make my point. When you go into the Quiz Party you will see how many questions have been validate not just the players but also for all subjects. We are not so far away from the magic 3000 mark. No 2 days are the same so I do different things. Yesterday I was going through different categories to see if questions were in the same category as people had commented on that. Also I was trying to validate questions where we were shorter on numbers as I didn't want to have people answer the same questions so frequently when playing the game. Obviously I have only one set of typing hands so can only do one thing at a time. I can tell you that I was not the only person in the group who had done this kind of work.

I can keep on typing and arguing my point but I think people will rather I get on with the quiz so we can get more questions done properly.

I will just finnish by saying that reading people's comments saying they really love the quiz is really nice because that was the team's driving force behind making things even better for people in the playroom.



Latest edition by YNWA, Apr 11 2017 23:07:19

11. policeman1,

Sounds like the quota is 3000 no more or less.

12. Cristina,

But where was written that each category needs a certain number of questions and just after when it was filled, the quiz will be available to be played?
I've read that after when 3000 questions will be validated, quiz will be ready and we can play it, ok, not in that case, if a category would have just like 2 or 3 questions, smile.

13. the-raven,

I know. it was only a suggestion, nothing else

14. Nikola-Jovic ,

Guys, remember that this isn't a game where we will get 3000 questions and then it's over. In order to make the game more interesting, we need to have as many questions as possible.

15. the-raven,

of course.

16. YNWA,

If people noticed when the quiz was officially available to everybody then we had a minimum of 100 questions for every category. There was no set figure but if we just left it then Television and games could have easily been at say 50 so if you selected that category offen you would very soon get a repeated question. 1 in 100 is not bad for a start!

17. basket,

Hi aminiel, in Balsana's defense, I don't actually believe the complaint was directed at you specifically, but only to draw attention to what she had experienced. I actually think it's perfectly acceptable to post them here so everyone can see it and either comment that they've noticed the same thing, or may be alerted to it for future reference. Just my two sents here.

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