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1. YNWA,

Dear All

We have found that comments and Signaled messages are placed in the same box, When searching for a signaled message we have to scan through every comment that people have made. To make it much easier for us to respond more efficiently to Signaled messages and sort out any issue we find could you please leave the comment box empty. If there is an issue with your question then we will get back to you as your name comes in with the question.

I have added again with a few alterations the list of categories and all the subjects that they cover.

1. Science & technology: here goes questions about computers, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and anything technical or near, but also questions about inventors and their inventions. There are also a few questions about how various stuff works or how they have been discovered. Questions on the space race and planets are also included.

2. Nature & anatomy: here goes biology, questions about the human body, medical conditions, and anything related to plants and animals

3. History: here I think I don't need to give a lot of explanations

4. Geography and politics: geography isn't only about rivers, mountains, countries and cities, but also about population, migration, ethnicity, governance, etc. We decided to put geography and politics together because, in fact, they are often somehow related one with the other.

5. Games & entertainment: here we have questions about games, their genre and rules, sometimes from where they come or who created them, including video/audiogames. There are also questions about other kinds of entertainments, such as do it yourself, sewing, knitting, sailing, fishing, chasing, ...

6. Music: questions about singers and their songs, modern as well as classical, and groups and boy/girl bands of course, but also sometimes (though quite rare) theory questions about instruments, chords and the like

7. Cinema: here goes all questions related to films, their scenarios, universe and history context, as well as about actors, producers, etc.

8. Languages and human science: here we have everything related to the language (including foreign languages) such as expressions, vocabulary, spelling, the sense of the words, how do you say this in that language, etc. on one hand, and on the other hand all human sciences which don't really go somewhere else, for example psychology, social science, anthropology, ethnology, and also law. We grouped these two because there aren't enough questions to split them further.

9. Television and media: this is different from cinema because here, we talk about TV and radio shows, journalism and newspapers, new media, and sometimes about famous advertisements and the like; never about films, and nor about series, which goes in their own respective category

10. Literature: I think it's rather clear, here goes everything about books and their authors, how and why they wrote books, as well as famous quotes

11. Sport: no comment. In French, most of the questions are about world-wide competitions such as football, tennis, ice hockey and olympic disciplines, but there are still a few questions about less known or less international sports as well these can be Croquet, Darts, Diving, Netball, Polo, Snooker and many more. 

12. Beliefs and traditions: I chose beliefs and not religion because you have also questions about superstitions and ancient beliefs for example. Then, the tradition side is quite general, we have questions about national holidays, how marriages, birth and deaths are celebrated, as well as more subtle cultural questions.

13. Arts & creations: here goes all the arts that don't go in other categories, for example painting, Pottery, sculpture and architecture. This includes the textile and creative industries such as wool, cotton and other fabrics , plus fashon.

14. Cooking and gastronomy: here goes of course everything related to food from all over the world. We have also a few questions about famous cookers, famous restaurants, and also drinks including coctails, spirits and other beverages such as cococola and other fizzy drinks.

15. Box Sets & cartoons: finally, here goes all series and cartoons that you can watch on the TV: our old walt disneys as well as game of thrown... we split it from cinema because this is often not the same at all, because you may follow series a lot but not cinema or conversely, and also because otherwise there would be far too much questions under a grouped cinema+series category. We also put questions about japanese anims, mangas and comics here.



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