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1. YNWA,

Dear all

I am delighted to announce that The Quiz Party is now officialy available on the English part of the platform.

I would like to thank Aminiel, all of The Quiz party team, and everybody who supplied the questions and those who just gave their support.

Wish you all good luck with Quiz Party.

Off to sleep now!


2. Cristina,

Oh, yes, thank you guys, who have worked and walidated our questions what we've submited.
And, also thanks to all those who searched and submited there a lot of interesting questions.
it was hard a bit in the beginning, but they use to say that "it is more important the end of a thing, than the start of it", or something like this.
Ok, it is not an end, cuz quiz will need more, and more questions, to be a true party.
Then good luck to all of us, who work on the validation, who submit the questions and who enjoy playing quiz.
Kind regards, Cristina!!!

3. riad,

Really awesome to see this game in English, but the erreur #31101 or something, especially on languages and human sciences, are kinda annoying and happen several time in a single game. But again, many thanks for the validators and question submittors who have made their utmost efforts to bring this to the English PR.

4. Nikola-Jovic ,

Congrats to the team and looking forward to having fun with this game. I thought the error will be fixed before the launch, but unfortunately it wasn't. Hope that will be solved too.

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