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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, when we can't send a message because our privacy is configured to only receive messages from friends the playroom should use a different string, and not just tell us x wish to receive private messages from his friends, because that might not even be the case.

2. The-Queen,

That actually is the case. Go to your option and see what the privacy options say. If that player has blocked you then it will say another thing. Do not post or talk about things you have not seen and know how they work. Consider and think twice before talking or doing something.

3. fire-starter,

this doesn't make sence to me... I have set my settings so i don't reseive pm's from random weirdos, same for invites

4. Nikola-Jovic ,

Actually, i see no need for such a bad post when you are the one who didn't understand the post and not me who doesn't know how it works. So let me describe it with an example: You set your options so that you can receive private messages only from your friends. Now, because of that, not only can you receive messages from your friends, you can also just send messages to your friends. But, if you try sending a message to someone who's not your friend, playroom will tell you x wish to receive private messages only from his/her friends, which doesn't make sense as it's not his privacy settings, rather yours. Please don't assume someone doesn't know how things work in advance.

5. soundarya,

ROFL sorry it makes me laugh.
Completely agree with Nikola.
I mean yeah you may misunderstand there is no problem but do you need to be so rude here on the forum?
I mean yeah even if he made a mistake still is it necessary to comment like this?

Yes, it happens.
I mean if you set your privacy settings as Receive messages from friends only, It also stops you from sending messages to someone who is not your friend.
And it gives a wrong string as mentioned by Nikola.

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