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1. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, I was thinking that there are some topics that keep inactive after some time, but due to its content they could be revived at other moment, for example if we post a topic about news, introductions etc. So no matter if the topic is some months old because anyone could comment regardint the subject without needing to create another one and thus saving space in the forum. Then, what if we can bookmark a topic here so that in case of we want to use it we could be able to do so? Maybe to avoid spam or those things, a limit might be implemented, therefore we just could check some topics; or, that only the creator of the topic can manage his own topics.

Thanks in advance!

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

On the French forum, there is a sticky topic called introductions and people introduce themselves there. On here, sticky topics are those that you always see at the top when you go to the recent topics, which at the moment is only updates and work in progress, and for some reason even rules arent while they are on the French one.

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