Changing gender on the web client?

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1. staindaddict,


I'm writing for a friend, who plays on the website, not in the windows client. She's a female, and it says she's a male. Is there a way for her to change her gender to female?
Any help would be appreciated.

2. AmineTrichine,

Does playroom have gender selection? I never knew.

3. helleon,

it seems to use the male pronoun for everyone. there is no selection

4. AmineTrichine,

How do you check someone's gender anyway.

5. Dayan ,

Is like if I play uno and i play a wild draw four, then someone presses f. then it will say I am not bluffing as 'he is not bluffing' instead of 'she is not bluffing' as I think lol.

6. Aminiel,

There is no gender selection. Perhaps one day... but it would require reviewing thousends of messages

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hard to modify messages since gender wasn't there from the start. The only thing that might help you if your translation files are edited using a text editor is to use find/replace and replace he with she, as well as him with her. That's how it would for for English, not sure about French grammar though, but something similar can probably be done to save you from reviewing thousands of messages.

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It can be done on English this way I assume, problem is other languages such as Spanish or Italian or anything else, grammar may be different!

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

Isn't that what i said? LOL. Though i believe similar can be done in other ones too, but that's up to the translators to modify.

10. Aminiel,

For french it would be quite similar, but that's not necessarily as easy for all languages. IF I really want to do it correctly, I have heard once taht there were 3 or 4 kinds of plurals in russian for example... and I don't know about the rest, maybe there are cases, like in german.

11. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, yes Russian is different, but what you can maybe do is just tell translators to replace the messages, for example Serbian has cases but i can easily know which patterns should I replace for it to be correct. Harder for you to figure it out than for somebody who speaks the language.

12. The-Queen,

Hello all,
I think that genders is the smallest problem for a game developer.
The other thing is that if you really want gender selection, make a game yourself, higher people to help you, translate it into multiple languages and there you go.
You have your own game, you have genders and so on. Not to mention that before doing whatever you wish, better learn programing.
See, I just solved your big, but actually super little problem.

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Sorry Amna, maybe I didn't get it but it really didn't make any bit of sense. Probably I did misunderstand the thing, but it is not as easy as saying it, no matter how easy it seems for users for using it

14. sound2,

Psarcastic messages are not needed, and are worthless. I'm refering to the person before coco. The problem may be small, but who wants to be called he all the time? But since that cannot be changed, and there are many other languages to deal with, that's the end of that, I guess.

15. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Totally agreed there sound2. And that is what I wanted to explain

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