Quarter off spades tournament

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1. serbian ,

Hello everybody, we have finished the group part, and we would like to thank to everybody who showed up to play, it was very easy to work with you all. Teams who came to the quarter are:
Letsroll and Sunny,
Genti and Desire,
Vojvoda and serbian,
Alesia and furki,
Policeman1 and Sirene,
Badgirl and Nikola-jovic,
Chipss and Lino,
Tehseen and Smoodi
Congratulations to everybody who made it to the quarter, it is already a big job. The quarter matches will be officially played from 8 pm Berlin and 7 PM UK time. If you show up earlier we can try to organize the match earlier but we can not guarantee, tepends on it if your opponents are online or not.here is the draw for tomorrow:
Chipss and Lino VS Tehseen and Smoodi
Vojvoda and serbian VS Badgirl and Nikola-jovic
Letsroll and Sunny VS Alesia and furki
Genti and Desire VS Policeman1 and Sirene
Good luck to all,
Serbian and Vojvoda

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I think this topic was supposed to be posted in tea room

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