Suggestion: Add a report a translation error to f9 options

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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, i find sending histories using f9 great, and apart from games and discussion, you can add an option called translation report. This would allow people to report translations easily. I did so for English a couple of times using contact page, and some strings were fixed, while some others weren't. So when you press enter on translation report, it would allow you to write a comment just like other ones, and the history with all messages would be send, preferably to the translator for the current language. I personally think it would be much easier to have all translation reports in one place

2. TheOracle,

I like this.

i've been looking for a way to report a translation error for a while, that being,

friendship demand, it would be better if it read friendship request, and not demand

a demand is when someone forces you to do something.

a request is someone asking you if you'd think about doing something for them (like ading them as a friend)

just a thought

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

That's actually true but for now to report an error you do it on the contact page, which is and i believe sending mail to also works, though it may not

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