results of spades tournament

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1. serbian ,

We would like to congratulate to Chipss and lino for winning the Spades tournament. They did werry big job and took the title to Belgium. They played against me and vojvoda in the final. In the first round theywere on the cold weather, under the null. But already in the next round they had a big comeback by taking 10 tricks. In the next rounds they just keept the distance and that was enough to win. First3 places are:
1 Chipss and Lino,
2 Serbian and Vojvoda,
3 Sunny and Letsroll
Thanks to all participants, we did not have much problems on this tournament, just 3 players didn't show up but they were replaced and everything went well. But that happens in every tournament.
Thanks to Cristina also who helped us to find replacements and was ready to help in anything during the tournament.
It was big fun for us to play, see you soon :)
Serbian and Vojvoda

2. YNWA,

Well done to everybody.

3. Cristina,

Ah, nu need to thank me, because I always help pleasurably if I can, as it was for that spades tournament.
Many congratulations for Chips and Lino, they really made an excellent match.
Both teams, who played in final, were very good.
I loved to play, to watch all those matches which were played in this tournament. Many good players were taking part in and it was really exciting, because we never could know, which team will win.
Congratulations for the organizers too, it was a really smooth and enjoyable tournament.
Kind regards, Cristina!

4. chipss ,

hello everyone

sorry my english is very bad (smile), and thank you for the organisation, that was a pleasure!
see you soonchipss

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