A few suggestions for Quiz Party

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31. MagicalKrrish,

Yeah, and all other movie industries also. People do dfollow it in some way or another.

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32. Cristina,

To have a good general culture means to know much about all what you said Raki and not just about things what you have in your country.
Quiz is based on this and it is supposed to improve your general culture playing such games. But you never will improve, if you learn new things just about some countries or regions.
Our general culture can be considered great, just if we would know many things about a lot of categories which would include things from all over world.

33. YNWA,

As you said Cristina 'General Culture' that means for everybody and not just for the view. Unfortunately because of the nature of the English PR there is no size that fits all. That is why nobody can come up with a perfect solution. I believe what I have done is the best available. This quiz won't be perfect for the English, Americans or other English speaking countries. Also it won't be perfect for people that come here for other countries but it is fair to say there is something here for everybody and taiste. If we had done such a bad job then nobody or very few would play Quiz Party. The feedback and (just out of interest 'feedback' uses all the letters from A to F.) is very good.

34. balasana ,

Fair points Raki, and very eloquently put. I personally see The ideal scenario being for me to be more knowledgeable and more worldly coming out of each QP game. Cinema, television, sport and arts might rightfully favor certain countries and regions, but cooking and tradition lend themselves to more local flavors. Science and nature on the other hand are mostly universal.
YNWA, I do agree there is no one-fits-all solution. And you and the team have done a great job, which many of us appreciate. However, we are just having a candid discussion. I trust no one indicated that you did a bad job as you so interpreted. If I have my own idea on where QP could be improved, ultimately you are the boss and you have the option to take or leave it.

35. Raki,

Sorry, I think you've totally missed my point. I'm not entirely sure what your trying to get at Cristina. What do you mean by “your country”? Different categories of the quiz will favor different parts of the world naturally. From my own experience, I’ve seen questions from all over the world. You should be more specific with what your wanting. You should also keep in mind that we have 5000 questions, the more questions we have, the more variety we will get. However, an international quiz will always have some degree of dominance from the countries who influenced a specific genre, era, category, etc.

36. HVACSalesman,

Also, for those humans who are complaining that there are too many questions concerning Europe and The United States, place more questions into the pool for the validators. Like a few others have stated, the more questions that exist, the more variety will follow.

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