1000 miles suggestion: viewing cards of other players in a team [refused]

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1. Piciok,

Yesterday we were playing 1000 miles with a couple people in teams and i came up with an idea there: how about being able to look at cards of other team members? It would come in handy when we have a hard time choosing cards to junk and want to check if others have these cards incase our team needed them so we could freely junk them without worrying about what comes next? I don't think it's against the rules - we always are on Teamtalk to have a communication between team members and we know what cards we have so i can easily pick up these i don't need but such a feature would be great if all team members are strangers to each other so they wouldn't have to ask about the cards all the time. Another nifty thing would be showing what card has been drawn by a team member each round.
I hope my suggestion can be implemented in the future.
Best regards

2. Aminiel,

It's completely illogical. When you are sat at a real life table, even if you are sighted, you can't watch the hand of other players, in your team or not. That's cheat.

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