6 takes tournament at 13:00 GMT on June 10

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1. balasana ,

Greetings all. It has been almost two years since we had the last 6 takes tournament. I clearly remember that I learned the game a couple days before the last tournament, and was out during the very first round. :D Fast forward to today, it is one of the most challenging and fun strategic games here for me.
Anyway, my current plan is to organize one on Saturday June 10. I plan to start at 13:00 UTC/GMT, which is 9:00 AM US eastern time, and 2:00 pm UK time.
This tournament is not expected to be large because there are not many players on PR. So I hope we can get it all done within a few hours in one day .
Depending on how much interest it generates, I will form a final plan. This is the first time I organize a tournament; I appreciate any support you all can give me.
Please post here or send a message to my in-box if you wish to participate. You’re welcome to suggest alternative day/time too.
Again 6 takes is a great game! We still have two weeks if any non-player wishes to learn it.

Latest edition by balasana , May 31 2017 12:04:10

2. andkuk,

i loged on tournament

3. Raki,

I'm in

4. Mayank ,

About time. Count me

5. Badgirl,

And me, and me, will take part with pleasure. Even if I am hopeles, but thanks to people like me, the winners can exist :D

6. Adventure-Time,

As long as each individual takes a glass of beetle juice for the entry and the winner gets a bottle of Russian vodka as the prize, I'm game... Umm. What did I just say? Woo. Hey. Without more phantasmagorias, count me if possible.

Latest edition by Adventure-Time, May 28 2017 23:48:38

7. MagicalKrrish,


Count me in!


8. farzad,

hi please add me
in your tornomunt

9. captain-nemo,

Hello, count me in.

10. balasana ,

Adventure, unfortunately beetle juice is sold out on our planet; I called the store on Betelgeuse to order it. Consider it done. but what the heck is "phantasmagorias"?
Lol seriously, thanks for everybody's support, we are now fast approaching the planned 16 seats. Come one, come all, the more the merrier. We can run this tournament with 16, 20 or 24 players, maybe even more!

11. me-me,

count me in bal.

12. undertaker,

yo, put me name down, now

13. Angelina-princess,

I also would like to participate, Thanks & all the best.

14. ceyda,

I'd like to participate too!

15. the-raven,

As far as I am concerned, I have no plans for that weekend, so I'd like to join for now. :)

16. black,


17. balasana ,

All, I've decided to run this tournament with 20 players. So far we have 15 official signups. Please continue to add your name if you wish to join us.
Also I have sent friend invites to those who signed up and are not on my list already. That is only for easy communication before or during the tournament. Please kindly accept. After the tournament please feel free to delete me if you so wish.
Cheers, Balasana

18. alesia,

count me in please

19. Sevrior,

I should be able to take part

20. UnseenFyre,

Hi! Yes, I'll enter! :)

21. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, please count me in. Thanks!

22. balasana ,

All, we have reached the 20 target within 3 days! For such a niche game it's impressive indeed. Thanks everyone for participating, and also taking time to put your name down here. All the people above plus Manoge have made it to the 20-player list.
Anyone else wishing to join us please continue to give your name here. Depending on how many additional signups we can run either a 20 or a 24 pull. The rest of you will be place on standby. Knowing the tournament tradition on PR,you will very likely able to play.
Please stay tuned for detailed tournament rules and group paring. Those who received my friend invite please kindly accept for tournament-related communication.

Latest edition by balasana , May 31 2017 12:22:18

23. balasana ,

we are now oficially closing the player signup. At the moment we have 20 players and 2 on standby.

24. Badgirl,

I hope I am also on the list...

25. balasana ,

Of course you are BG. We can't afford not to have one of the most fun girls in the mix! Please stay tuned for the pairing.

26. Badgirl,

I hope that was complement, not that I am kind of playroom clown :D Anyway, looking forward to have good fun with all of you this saturday.

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