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1. tiny,

since yesterday we can't able to play four about 1 hour, so 1 day maybe we can't be able to play here totally. i think at least an offline version of this room will be memorable, and at least we can play these games with computer and make alive our memories. and for now also we can play with computer when we not acsess to internet.

2. Nikola,

Would indeed be great but the way playroom is currently coded it just downloads everything from the server, so in short not possible without a lot of effort and a lot of re-creating

3. tiny,

right, however, it's needful for us To think of that

4. Nikola,

Well we can surely think of that but i'm just telling you that it's probably not going to be done.

5. helleon,

how would that even be possible? The very most we could do in that field is make an offline version where it is only possible to play with bots.

6. The-warlord,

That's a great idea that I was thinking about suggesting from a while. It might not be 100 percent correct that it needs a lot of effort or recreating, from players perspective, I think we should wait for the developer's judge about that.

7. Nikola,

Well it's definitely correct, all code of games is on the server and you don't need to be a developer to understand how that works. Take the web client as an example, why is it the same as windows client? Because all the code is already there. I'm in no way against this suggestion, in fact i love if that would happen but it's unfortunately far from reality. Of course Aminiel can correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm 90 percent sure i'm not. The only things which are handled by the client are bots for connect four and reversy, and some options as well as history manipulation.

8. the-alchemist,

I don't think the large amounts of work involved are worth it. As you said, the playroom was only down for about one hour, and if you can't find other things to do for one hour, well I'm sorry but... That's not really anyone else's fault. I don't mean to be judgmental or anything but come on guys, the playroom has been stable for years, it seems really ungrateful when people call for an offline client just because it goes down for an hour.

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9. tiny,

you understand my talk totally in mistake and said wonderfull things, i never not said we haven't any works for 1 hour sorry for you, i said because playroom disordered for 1 hour maybe in 1 day this disorder will be for always and we can't connect here and play. and also for now that offline version will be useful when we haven't acsess to the internet. however if we have 2 versions when we want play with our friends we can connect and play online but otherwise we can play in offline mode

10. The-warlord,

Also you sometimes want to play uno for example but your internet isn't stayble or fast enough, even to play against a bot, for being the bot like any other online player. For this, an offline version will make you play with bots without the need to connect to the internet.

11. Nikola,

That's all great but you also need to read previous messages. I wanted to play uno long time offline to practise myself, but even bots are server controlled.

12. The-warlord,

Nikola I understand what you mean. I was just saying this to show that it doesn't come to being the server itself down only, also for those who want to play offline because of internet slowness and instability.

13. tiny,

an other important Advantage that comes with offline controling will be save website space! also we can change place of id and game informations and the informations can be save in user computer hards, so in this case, we will haven't any Concern about space so for example we can save whatever game tables that we want or add users as friend. i don't know why the programmers don't saw these many great Advantages and gived over processes in server. i accept hajjar, also my net speed is low so i can't play uno even with bots because that game is very speedy. yes, this changing process needs a lot of efforts but i think they are many programmers that they can volunteer for this changes they just need admins trust.

14. Aminiel,

The playroom is made in such a way that nothing is possible without a connection. Bots are controlled by the server and I won't change this.

While sometimes it would be good to be able to play completely offline, offering this possibility would require an entire redesign of the platform.

Given that almost everyone has Internet at high speed nowadays, I don't think that's a big problem though. Note that you can as well play with a limited connection such as 56k or mobile; the playroom doesn't consume a lot of bandwidth.

15. Nikola,

Actually, while I understand you can't make playroom offline as i explained, bots being controlled by the server should be changed in my opinion. It would give more advantages including faster bots in uno and in general, bots are very slow. Also if you do it you could make difficulty selection for games. The only 2 major disadvantages i see are bots not being available on the web client and when you release a new game you will have to update the client to include new bots. However if you can make the client download bots for games that would solve the second issue, and for the first one if you can make bots on web client stay the same.

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