6takes tournament (parings and rules)

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1. balasana ,

Let me first welcome Imthechampraki and Mayank, the organizers of the first 6 takes tournament, to join me as co-organizers. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions. And players please make sure you are on the friend list of at least one of us.
This thread will be the placeholder for all our tournament-related announcements from now to June 10.
Thanks all of you who are sharing this exciting ride with us in a week. We'll do our best to make it a smooth, competitive, friendly and fun event for you all.    
We are going to post the tournament rules and player parings during the next couple of days.
The tournament team--Raki, Mayank and Balasana

2. Mayank ,

Hi all,

The 6 takes tournament will be held on Saturday June 10 at 9:00 AM U.S Eastern, 2:00 PM UK time or 13:00 GMT. Please contact the team if you need help with the local time conversion. We would like to thank adventure-time and helleon for helping us with the draw.
20 players have entered the tournament.

First round:
the 20 players will be split into 5 groups of 4 players.
Here are the groups:

Group A: mayank,


group b: imthechampraki,


group c: balasana,


group d: magicalkrrish,


group E: undertaker,


Each group will play a match of 4 players in the first round. The score limit for this round will be 75.
After one person goes out, the other 3 play on. When the second player goes out, the game will stop, and the remaining two players will advance. Note: the match will only stop when a round is finished, not in the middle of a round even when the second player has already reached the score limit. 
The quarter finals, semi finals and final will all be 1 on 1.
The top 10 players will be ranked on their scores from the first round. the 8 players having the lowest scores will move on to the quarter finals.
The lowest score will be number 1, and the highest will be number 8. The quarter final parings will be 1 VS 8, 2VS 7 and so on.
The quarter final winners will be ranked the same way to determine the semi final parings.
The score limit will be 70 for the quarters, 75 for the semis and 80 for the final.
all decisions made by the organisers during the tournament will be final.

We ask that you show up on time on tournament day. We will start all the 5 group matches at the same time on 5 different tables.

We ask that you try your best to play the fastest you can, and not to waste time during the game.
Observers are welcome during the entire tournament. Please ask the table master for an invite. We ask that you do not chat during rounds because the players need to concentrate.
Feel free to contact imthechampraki, mayank or balasana with any questions you might have.
Thank you guys so much, the best of luck and have fun!

The organizing team: raki, mayank and Balasana

3. MagicalKrrish,

Wow, some good group match up lined up,

Good luck all.

4. Raki,

Hi, just so there’s no confusion on the day, I’ll clarify something that also came up last time this tournament was held.
As you know, we have groups of 4 and from those 4, two players will make it through.
In our scenario, one player has already reached the score limit and is out of the game; now we have 3 players left playing.
If 2 out of the 3 remaining players reach the score limit mid round, the game will continue till the end of the round and it won’t matter who crossed the score limit first. What will matter will be the score. The player with the higher score will be illiminated and the player with the lower score will go through regardless of who crossed first.
Thanks and don't hesitate if there's any questions.

5. UnseenFyre,

Good luck all! This should be fun!

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