an option for junking cards in rummy

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1. tiny,

hi, why we haven't question while junking cards in rummy? we have that question in 1000 miles but junking rummie's cards is more important

2. Nikola,

I personally don't like those warning. If you know it's more important, why don't you play carefully?

3. AmineTrichine,

I'm sorry but til now that's the game i knew that doesn't warn for such stuff. Because in real life, you have the cards in your hand and you can't junk them mistakenly unless if you are drunk. And making it warn wouldn't hurt now would it!

4. Aminiel,

The basic answer is very simple: in 1000 miles, junking a card should only occur if you really can't play something else, hance a confirmation if you are really sure that you don't have something better to do. In rummy, you have to junk a card at each turn. If you had a confirm each time, it would quickly become annoying.

Another basic answer: 1000 miles involve less the brain than rummy. So, in rummy, you usually pay more attention at your game and play less quick, thus you don't need a confirmation; otherwise you are playing too fast.

5. tiny,

junking on real is diffrent than here. in real we press delete for junk? we need that question these answers isn't enough for justification. many times when i press end for going fast from top to the bottom my finger encounter to delete.

6. Nikola,

What would be nice for both miles and rummy is to make shift delete junk without confirmation and delete asks for one, would remind me of deleting files.

7. tiny,

yes i agree, i accept that confirmations is annoying so i change my position, delete isn't good key for junk but shift delete or something elce is great so we are waiting for this change

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