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1. RedHawk,

Could you please make it so we don't see tables of those who are not in our friends list and accepts only friends to their tables?

Thank you!

2. AmineTrichine,

That's a dum idea. If you don't want your table to show in the tables list make it private. What point of public tables if he would make it that way!

3. Nikola,

Well if you mean something like, i create a table but my options allow only my friends to join it, hence the table should be shown only to my friends, then that's not a bad idea since it's useless to others anyways to see your table.

4. tiny,

in this way we can pose some ideas that related to privacy, for example we can replace tables with id's and offer an option that any one can't see our id except our friends, i think it's better offer

5. Nikola,

How do you get friends if noone except friends can see you? Plus the topic isn't called privacy options.

6. tiny,

we can add somebody that we want

7. RedHawk,

@AmineTrichine Next time could you please try using your brain when trying to process stuff that you read?

Clearly, it doesn't say 'only friends should be able to see tables that people create', it says, 'if you have the option set so only friends can join your tables, only your friends should see said tables'.

Now, there's an assignment we often give to the first graders, find the differences between these two sentenses. It will be due tomorrow at 11:59 PM, late assignments will not be considered for grading. Good luck.

8. Nikola,

Highly unimportant and unneeded rambling on the forum, i've already explained what you ment and you could use your so great brain for better things. When someone doesn't understand something he's not automatically stupid.

9. the-alchemist,

I would agree Nikola, except for the fact that said person decided to immediately go on the offensive by saying it was a dumb idea. I've noticed him and his friends doing this quite often, actually. Unnecessarily arrogant people need to be put in their place every once in a while. In short: think before you speak, lest you make yourself look like a fool.
As to the suggestion... I agree with this. We can't join the table anyway, so there's no real reason it should show up.

10. Sajad-Aliraqi,

You hadn't to go further more and blame someone meaningly just because he disagreed with your opinion. If you would have used your brain enough, you would have noticed what attacking Amine in your nonsensical sentences means. No one is stupid just by what you think

11. Nikola,

Yes the way he said it was probably a bit offensive, arrogant or whatever you want to say, but missunderstandings can happen and so far i didn't see him doing that.

12. AmineTrichine,

I'm sorry sir, your message was not cleare enough. And i am surprised of how polite you actually are.
Next time you wanna write something, organize it, and use ponctuations so people like me can understand your post better. There is no need to be arrogant to try and draw everyone's attention, personally I don't give a damn about arrogant people, because they are literally a waste of time

Latest edition by AmineTrichine, Jun 8 2017 22:20:39

13. The-warlord,

RedHawk, can you just act and post without arrogance? That's what I'm noticing from a while, mister important person.

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