A quick suggestion, a command to inform us of the current connected helpers /administrators, quiz validators etc

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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Lately I've come up with a quite accidental idea and that is, a command to type in the chat box to tell us who are the online admins at the moment?helpers, translaters, quiz validators? This could be really quite helpful so we don't need to send a message to operators and there'll be no response because we didn't know that there was no one connected.
In edition to this, the command might also tell us in which language part they are now,so that we know to which language a helper belongs. Although this could sometimes be personal, because the staff members also have to go to any language they want as long as there is no mean violation. They are just players after all, no matter what higher abilities the rank gives them.
I hope Aminiel would keep an eye here and take a look at how it would go. Thanks in anticipation

Latest edition by Sajad-Aliraqi, Jun 8 2017 19:54:33

2. Saniel_Morse,

Hmm, quiz violators? Sorry but I'm fairly sure that the word is "validators". Your joke didn't make me laugh at all, Sir Creative.
And regarding your suggestion, you can send history reports or write to F4; I was told the messages are stored for a later revision so that they can know about your inquiries or questions.


3. Nikola,

Ones on f4 are definitely not stored for later, it says that they are send to online administrators. And well Cocoa this wont be implemented unfortunately, cause Aminiel once said that abusers can use that and when noone is online abuse, then when helpers are online they can be good again, which i find quite pointless as there are histories.

4. Saniel_Morse,

Well, according to the person who said it to me the messages were stored; or maybe he could have told that to us to keep a more calmed situation. But that's another story.

5. Nikola,

Histories indeed are just to clear that up, but f4 ones at least weren't, of course something could have been updated but i doupt so.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Calm down sir, that was not an attack towards quiz validators. It's just they are nearly pronounced the same so I wrote one of them unmeaningly. Sorry if it had to be too offensive but it wasn't mean

7. YNWA,

I quite liked quiz vialators! I must ask Aminiel for more of them. I don't get why you would want to know when we and the translators are online. As a matter of fact I am online most of the time and if you can't see YNWA on the list then look in the cupboard near the coffee machine next to the tea room. I think Snowflake locks it at night so I can give the quiz a break.

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I think it is not necessary to talk about it anymore, violators and validators almost have the same pronunciation and because I use violators most of the time for certain things, I wrote it by mistake. But hey, if noone's believes, then get over it. What matters is you got what I corrected and zip it off

9. YNWA,

I am pulling your leg over it, lol. the point I was asking you is why would you want to know why validators are online or not as it makes no difference to you or anybody else. That is the same for translators. With helpers if you really needed help with something like a friend can't login then I get that.

10. Aminiel,

Quiz violator ! lol

One of the reasons we don't want to give you the list of currently connected helpers is this: it would enable you to behave badly only when there is no helper online, and, in a pure hasard, behave well as soon as someone is connected.

For sure it could be useful for some situations, but for that reason at least, sadly, it's better that you couldn't know whether an helper is connected or not (and who).

11. Nikola,

Aminiel, while i could understand that being the case in the past when you couldn't send history reports, i can't get that now. Yes sure you can risk and behave badly when there are no helpers, but if someone sends a history you can't say no i didn't do that.

12. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The issue is, each time a person spams or misbehaves when all helpers are offline, and history logs are enabled, their messages will be editional spam and admins might miss the important stuff in between those spammy messages. That is , only if Aminiel hasn't specified a history for each category. Game histories, help histories sent to operators, discussion histories, so on. But once again, it could be useful, you can make a 3 messages limit to operators, that is, I can only send 3 messages and I won't be able to send any, unless a helper replies me!

13. Nikola,

I don't understand, admins or helpers only get history reports which you as a player send. They don't read all messages on the playroom, nor are all messages logged on the server. At least, i hope so.

14. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Well if they don't have the ability to read messages sent to operators, I mean if they are not logged, then I don't see what's the reason of not adding the feature of the command I suggested. If someone misbehaves when all is offline, it won't affect anyone. And if a helper connects and see a spammer annoying the hell out of F4, he could simply warn him the first time, second time ban!

15. Nikola,

So Cocoa this is at least the way i think about it: When Aminiel was saying someone abusing when helpers are offline, he didn't mean abusing on f4, because there's really no point for any abuser ever doing that, as that's like talking to yourself. What he rather meant is for people to abuse others and that's why i said it's pointless cause you get histories which you can send to helpers.

16. AmineTrichine,

Personaly I think that if someone abuses others they always either have the block or ban from table feature. Why cry to the moderators when you can get rid of them yourself? Unless if you are lazy that is.

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